The Period in Review: 7/1 to 8/3


A Look at Hero Population as of 8/3

Includes Costumed Heroes (Such a hero has a total count of 3 versions)

Hero Count
Rare 82 (26.80%)
Epic 81 (26.47%)
Legend 143 (46.73%)
Rare to Legend Total: 306

Value Ranges
Power Range: 209-798
Attack Range: 168-869
Defense Range: 175-862
Health Range: 336-1699


Top-100 Players

This collection period includes 1,023 teams (pool of 5,115) from the Top-100 Leaderboard collected at random dates/times from 100+ collectors. Collectors can NOT record themselves (these entries are deleted).

*  22.09% of the heroes captured were ICE.
*  74.45% of the Leaderboard heroes captured were class level 19+! (5.5% increase).
*  47.39% of the Leaderboard heores captured were MAXED AT CLASS 20! (Another 8% increase).
*  26.39% of the defensive raid teams contained dual element heroes (2/1/1/1 teams down 5%).
*  18.07 is the average classed leaderboard hero (up 0.27%)
*  18.52 is the average classed leaderboard hero in the TANK position (maintaining the Top class position, up 0.26%).

MEMBERS SEE THE v4 H.P.E.T. Report for Summaries and Visuals of the reporting period.


Alliances & Players CURRENT

Having the most qualified members present since the last collection period
Player is counted only 1x per/day. The highest Trophy Score is kept.

The Top-5 Alliances
#1) Seven Days Departed +5
#2) The Avengers
#3) -SPRITZ-
#4) Crystal Assassins
#4) End of the Line
#5) Batman Returns
#5) Mixed Nuts - Extra Spicy
#5) Revenant
#5) Ritual

The Top Players
#1) Deadlift of Batman Returns +2
#2) Qu!nn of Seven Days Departed
#3) uclapack of The Avengers
#4) Mr. Bunnyfeet of Mixed Nuts - Extra Spicy
#4) UltraElectroMagnetic Pop of Pearl of the Orient Seas
#4) lillekill of Scandanavian Allstars
#4) DARTH KIELBASA of One Knight Stand
#5) tREEdARK of [RC]-FENIX
#5) Bolo of -SPRITZ-
#5) JRJR60 of Guardians Reborn
#5) LordMyst of Fallen Rage


Alliances & Players CUMULATIVE

Having the most qualified members present since July 2018 (periods summed)
Player is counted only 1x per/day. The highest Trophy Score is kept.

The Top-5 Alliances
#1) Seven Days Departed +59
#2) Crystal Palace
#3) Aggressive
#4) Blazing Dawn
#5) Last Regiment

The Top Players
#1) Deadlift of Batman Returns +13
#2) Qu!nn of Seven Days Departed
#3) Sarmale of Various
#4) uclapack of The Avengers
#5) Commander Jesus of Seven Days Departed

Sarmale flipped Commander and Packs Lids.


The Effects of Balancing

Finley Finley

- Mana generation for all enemies decreased from -34% for 3 turns to -24% for 2 turns.
- HP inherited by Minions reduced from 18% to 13%.
- HP regenerated reduced from 411 over 3 turns to 306 over 2 turns.

- Amount of extra Water damage to Fire enemies reduced.
- Attack ailment to all Fire enemies reduced from -54% to -34%.

RESULTS FROM the period reported 7/1 - 8/3

There have now been 76 days since the balancing changes were made. Looking at the use delta from 7/1 to 8/3 one might conclude % use has potentially stabalized. TBD. They were as follows:

Telluria Use: 82.21% to 81.43% (0.78 decrease)* and
Vela Use: 70.39% to 68.52% (1.87% decrease)* respectively.
* Excludes Duplicate Use (ULTIMATES DATA between Periods)

RESULTS FROM the period reported 5/15 - 6/30 (leaving for easy reference)

Their Balancing Changes likely contributed to the approximate 10% decrease in use of the Leaderboard following the official announcement of May 19th, 2020.

Exact Figures were:

91.56% - 82.27% = 9.29% and
80.47% - 70.45% = 10.02% respectively.

I suspect many believed it would be more than it was. I was expecting there to be a much larger decrease in use then it turned out to be.

Data reported does NOT include data collected prior to the official balancing release announcement Issued: May 19, 2020 @4am.

It could take some time before it reaches its peak of decline or perhaps it already has. One thing for certain, the fear that they would become useless was truly an overreaction to a very worst-case scenario that had very little chance of occurring.


The Top Classics Combining Costumes & Regulars

For 4 Consecutive Periods JOON maintains as the 2nd HOLY of Choice when accounted for in his 3 versions.
Costumed Joon Joon Joon
Limited to displaying Classics with 3%+ combined total only




#1 Telluria in 81.43% of the Top-100 teams; same spot.

#2 Vela in 68.52% of the Top-100 teams; same spot, 1 duplicate use.

#3 Gravemaker in 59.63% of the Top-100 teams; same spot, 4 duplicate uses.

#4 Drake Fong in 33.04% of the Top-100 teams; same spot, 1 duplicate use.

#5 Seshat in 29.42% of the Top-100 teams; same spot.

Telluria took #1 04/22/20 from Gravemaker who held the #1 spot dating back to August 2018! Telluria also made the quickest Debut into the Top 5 EVER with a staggering 56.99% on 03/27/20 at #3! Vela appeared 03/27/20 at #2 - another huge entry at 57.47%. Seshat appeared 03/27/20 at #5. Kingston appeared 12/28/19 at #4 - becoming the 1st to knock Guinevere out of her soft seat! He moved up to position #3 the period of 1/25/20. The period of 3/27/20 Kingston dropped out of the Top-5. Kunchen appeared initially in a tie with Kage 4/16/19 at #4. The period of 3/27/20 they dropped out of the Top-5. Ursena appeared initially 11/28/19 at #4. Kageburado 1st appeared 02/16/19. Kage exited the Top-5 the period of 7/23/19. Zimkitha 1st appeared 03/24/2019 achieving position #3. Drake Fong 1st appeared 01/30/19 at #5 returning on 7/23/19 remaining since.

The 'Original's (Alasie, Gravemaker, Guinevere, Zeline and Sartana) held the Top-5 from July 2018 through Feb 2019. Sartana last appeared 3/6/19, Zeline last appeared 6/22/19. Alasie last appeared 11/27/19. Guinevere last appeared 12/28/2019 (this was the first time she had ever been outside the top 5 in over 17 months).




#6 Finley in 18.38% of the Top-100 teams; same spot.

#7 Ursena in 14.08% of the Top-100 teams; up 1 spot.

#8 Jabberwock in 13.20% of the Top-100 teams; down 1 spot.

#9 Joon-C in 10.07% of the Top-100 teams; up 4 spots.

#10 Killhare in 8.80% of the Top-100 teams; up 1 spot.

#10 Jean-Francois in 8.80% of the Top-100 teams; up 2 spots.


THE RISING: Top 11-15

#12 Joon in 8.50% of the Top-100 teams; down 3 spots.

#13 Zimkitha in 8.11% of the Top-100 teams; down 3 spots, 1 duplicate use.

#14 Kageburado in 8.11% of the Top-100 teams; up 1 spot.

#15 Poseidon in 7.43% of the Top-100 teams; down 2 spots.


True Positioning + DELTA

Stop wondering where Heroes are most used, the Top-10 list is right here! Want the FULL LIST? Login to TitanMafia.com - it is readily available in the Members Lobby.

#Left WingHero PoolΔ
3Drake Fong5.38%0.84%
6White Rabbit3.42%0.89%

#Left FlankHero PoolΔ
4Black Knight5.28%0.45%

#TankHero PoolΔ
7Black Knight0.88%0.10%
10The Hatter0.68%0.68%

#Right FlankHero PoolΔ
4Drake Fong2.44%0.33%
10Master Lepus0.78%0.18%

#Right WingHero PoolΔ
1Drake Fong24.05%3.48%


TANK use by Element

Nature maintains. Holy moves up a spot and ICE takes a dive (maintains the #1 spot for total hero use).

86.71% (Showing the Top 3)



5.77% (Showing the Top 3)



4.01% (Showing the Top 3)



3.03% (Showing the Top 3)



0.49% (Showing the Top 3)





EPICS that came out to play!

Triple appearances for Rigard-C
Double appearances for Valeria, Li Xiu & Kiril-C
Single appearances by: Boldtusk, Caedmon, Gretel, Grimm, Guardian Jackal, Gullinbursti, Mireweave, Mist, Rigard, Scarlett, Skittleskull-C & Sonya-C


Legends on the Bench!

The Benched include:

Perseus, Elkanen-C, Horghall-C, Skadi, Roc, Horghall, Mok-Arr, Red Hood, Lady Locke, Miki, Tarlak, Inari, Guardian Chameleon, Elena-N, Richard-N, Horghall-N, Quintus-N, Azlar-N, Magni-N, Kadilen-N & Domitia-N




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MFSOBGD!!! Speed LEVELING this am 8-2-2020 after my follow up campaign for us (being a word wasn't uttered by a rep for SGG) in regards to the simple solution proposed by some fair minds in the games official forum. I Just FEED 10 Trainer Heroes from the pack I just purchased to get NOOR 2/60 when she ONLY NEEDED 2! This crap needs to Freeeling STOP!



RaZoRs Alchemy Lab Phase

After a couple of days feeding the Lab gems for sharts, I don't know Players, think that the ROI is backwards may save gems in the end, however at a higher cost: our time is worth something too! I have found ZERO joy in the process other then the process of learning about the process. I may stretch it out for the 50 days to get a choice of a 10pk of emblems between 2 random classes (moment of CLARITY - screw that lol) 50 days of slavery for 10 emblems and spending GEMS to try to speed it up (for more random crap) and mats? This may have some value for you early players moving up, those that don't spend so its a new avenue or those that have somehow stockpiled or oddly horded 100s of Rings, Darts, Tabbards and Damascus Blades and want flip it hopefully into Scopes, Tonics & Tomes best success, makes sense to do that! If I want 10 random emblems I'll pay the 150-175 for that pack that is in the store at least I get 2 kinds instead of possibly 10 I don't want at all being that shop deal comes around at LEAST 1x a month and I get to take back the 35-50 days of slavery and who knows how many extra hours on the game and likely save 50-100 gems in the process perhaps 100's being I have been matching what is trans-mutated into random stuff matching item returned with a gem to get more Sharts to get to the 1,000 sharts so I can spend gems to trasmute the sharts into something more solid which a smooth orange Metamucil could likely do better. Players that want every possible chance to 1 up or get ahead of the next seasoned player can have at it - seems a more logical customer for it being I've played 3 years straight basically every day. Some that crap out money and don't know what to do with it would be the last group of prospects and thats not me. Yeah, I know they are called shards... lol.
UPDATE: Just pulled the STOP TRANSMUTING TRIGGER, and pulled all my excess crafting materials out and destroyed what was in process and flipped that little Hookah Hut Butt up and will stick to it being a Forge so I can expedite my WAIT TIME for crafting dotes, arrows, mana and the like - I have a Titan to kill daily
UPDATE: I did flip it back over and got 1,000 shards and got my 10 pack of Random Emblems! LOL, got bored. Now taking it straight to Level 10 so can perform 3 actions at once instead of 1!



U R NoT sAFe HeRe
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