The Period in Review: Sept 28 - Oct 28

Special Mention for BETA GRADING contribution:

ElvenShadow of DIMONIS & ANGELS kicked some MFA!

Best 'New' Alliance Name (well new to me):

We Beta Tested Your Mom
Leader: James

Wondering if you might be inadequate?

That would be: If your not measuring 8.25 classes on average....

Mok dropped a Duece!

Finally Bro!....fish.


Top-100 Players

This collection period includes 1,227 teams (pool of 6,135!) from the Top-100 Leaderboard collected at random dates/times from 100+ collectors. THANK YOU ALL FOR MEETING GOAL for the 1st TIME - AWESOME!!! Collectors can NOT record themselves (these entries are deleted).

* 18 was the highest classed Legend in the pool! FINLEY takes 2 of these slim spots + a Seshat! wait... hold your horses 19! Dual Richards! wait... Holy Shiat its ALICE at 20! That time has come folks. ICE ICE BABY. Who will be getting a reset?

* 20 was highest classed Epic in the pool. Old news at this point.

* 8.25% is average class level per Hero (up 1.16% - a fair jump). Are you adequate? Once was enough, but I like to rub it in.

I don't post this regular but should as of 10/28/2019
total Hero_Cnt=168
total Rare_Cnt=38 (22.62%)
total Epic_Cnt=46 (27.38%)
total Legend_Cnt=84 (50.00%)
base Power Range: 440-781 variance (341)
base Attack Range: 368-824 variance (456)
base Defense Range: 359-846 variance (487)
base Health Range: 420-1545 variance (1125)

MEMBERS SEE THE v4 H.P.E.T. Report for Summaries and Visuals of the reporting period.

Alliances - CURRENT

Having the most qualified members present since the last collection period
Player is counted only 1x per/day. The highest Trophy Score is kept.

The Top-5 Alliances (We have clear seperation this period)
#1) Crystal Assassins
#2) Crystal Palace
#3) Blazing Dawn
#4) Seven Days Departed
#5) Aggressive

The Top Player's
#1) sokol of cnAPTAK
#2) JRJR60 of Guardians Reborn
#2) KLinMayhem of Blazing Dawn
#2) Nawa of Aggressive
#2) TreeDark of ==[BLINDADOS]==
#3) Alan of Singapore Merlion
#3) Commander Jesus of Seven Days Departed
#3) Deadlift of The Family Clan [T.F.C]
#3) Heroism of Crystal Assassins
#3) Jaqen H'ghar of Aggressive
#3) Lucife of Elmer gyogy es intezet
#3) Sir Lancelot of Mighty Mice Avengers
- sorry for any incorrect spelling/alliance names. Please contact me with correction(s).

Alliances - CUMULATIVE

Having the most qualified members present since July 2018 (periods summed)
Player is counted only 1x per/day. The highest Trophy Score is kept.

The Top-5 Alliances
#1) Crystal Palace +13
#2) Seven Days Departed
#3) Blazing Dawn
#4) Aggressive
#5) Crystal Assassins

The Top Player's
#1) uclapack of Crystal Palace +4
#2) TreeDark of ==[BLINDADOS]==
#3) Wormwood of Blazing Dawn
#4) Commander Jesus of Seven Days Departed
#4) RaZoR of Batman??? Gotta put Jesus ahead of me. Hallelujah!
#5) Deadlift of The Family Clan [T.F.C]
#5) JimMe of Crystal Palace
#5) Revenant of Apocalipse Tuga
#5) Zero of Seven Days Departed



True Positioning + DELTA

Stop wondering where Heroes are most used, the Top-10 list is right here! Want the FULL LIST? Login to TitanMafia.com - it is readily available in the Members Lobby.

#Left WingHero PoolΔ
2Mother North7.91%1.44%

#Left FlankHero PoolΔ
2Drake Fong6.03%0.77%

#TankHero PoolΔ
8Drake Fong1.79%0.38%
9Boss Wolf1.79%0.23%

#Right FlankHero PoolΔ
2Drake Fong10.68%1.61%

#Right WingHero PoolΔ
5Drake Fong4.40%1.26%



TANK use by Element

Between Periods ICE overtakes FIRE, Ariel surpasses Richard, Ares surpasses Mitsuko, and the alternative TANK selections are narrowing in the DARK & in the LIGHT. Nature continues to dwindle, for now.

Element UseHero's Most Used

OTHER 5.86%

OTHER 5.95%

OTHER 7.79%

OTHER 7.91%
0.49% (tie)

0.49% (tie)
OTHER 1.87%



This Top-5 captures its 4th!

This Top-5 team has remained in the Top-5 for 4 consecutive periods (4 months+).


Enough said... I think...



GRAVEMAKER remains the undisputed "KING of the HILL" for 34 consecutive collection periods - truly just crazy, crazy! You LuCkY owners! Dating back to August 2018.

#1 Gravemaker in 46.94% of the Top-100 teams; same spot, 7 duplicate uses.

#2 Kunchen in 31.95% of the Top-100 teams; same spot.

#3 Drake Fong in 24.37% of the Top-100 teams; same spot, 1 duplicate use.

#4 Alasie in 19.07% of the Top-100 teams; up 1 spot.

#5 Guinevere in 18.91% of the Top-100 teams; down 1 spot.

Kunchen appeared initially in a tie with Kage 4/16/19 at #4 and has remained since! Kageburado 1st appeared 02/16/19. Previously holding the highest position of #2 outside the 'Originals'. Kage exited the Top-5 the period of 7/23/19. Zimkitha 1st appeared 03/24/2019 achieving position #3 and has not returned. Drake Fong 1st appeared 01/30/19 at #5 returning on 7/23/19 remaining since. Sartana last appeared 3/6/19 and Zeline last appeared 6/22/19. The 'Original's (GM, Guin, Alasie, Zeline and Sartana) held the Top-5 from July 2018 through Feb 2019.


ZIM! Remains top of the Rising in striking distance! 3% separates her from Guin. She has broken into the Top-5 previously, will she return?

#6 Zimkitha in 15.81% of the Top-100 teams; same spot.

#7 Seshat in 15.32% of the Top-100 teams; up 7 spots, 3 duplicate uses.

#8 Evelyn in 14.67% of the Top-100 teams; same spot.

#8 Alberich in 14.59% of the Top-100 teams; up 2 spots, 1 duplicate use (breaks the tie in a sense).

#10 Lianna in 13.94% of the Top-100 teams; up 3 spots, 1 duplicate use.

THE RISING: Top 11-15

Kage slips down to greet the... HELLO ONATEL

#11 Onatel in 13.12% of the Top-100 teams; up 4 spots.

#12 Ursena in 12.96% of the Top-100 teams; same spot.

#13 Magni in 12.63% of the Top-100 teams; down 6 spots.

#14 Zeline in 12.31% of the Top-100 teams; down 5 spots.

#15 Kageburado in 11.25% of the Top-100 teams; down 4 spots.




This period BOLDTusk shows who is boss w/a decent margin (16).
Also included are: Rigard (11), Kiril (6), Wu Kong (5), Proteus (5), Caedmon (5), Sabina (5)
Quad appearances by: Wilbur and Melendor.
Triple appearances by: Gormek, Sonya, Guardian Jackal, Tiburtus and Gadeirus.
Dual appearances by: Colen, Merlin, Boril, Triton, Buddy and Guardian Falcon.
Single appearances by: Cheshire Cat, Chao, Grimm, Jabbar, Kelile and Hansel.


Legends on the Bench...!

Makes sense really based on time of availability.

MOK-ARR BREAKS FREE FROM CHAINS! Appearing 2x this collection period! Still needs a balancing SGG.









2x Consecutive Cup Champion



☠ 3,321☠

Record holder since Aug 6, 2019 with 3,293 Cups.
Surpassing the Record Nov 9, 2019 with 3,321 Cups.

3 3 2 1 run little piggies... here comes the Big Gun! [TOP] [BOTTOM] [ARCHIVES]



A Wing Killer, a Wide Eyed Rabbit & a Shrub with Teeth... more to come.

Opener of the Ways HOTM-30: NEITH

Darkness the Cuddle BaT ahhhhh...


We have New POWER Leaders... for the moment till the next hero release!


ACE REVIEW Vol #4 - Kingston

Click to Enlarge for readability



A New RaZoR Playlist?


Triple Valeria's: In Mono Speed Attack

Triple Gravemakers vs Triple Zimkithas

1 Crit Troop Desired - can I for 80 EPIC TROOP Summons?

RaZoR's Classing Strategy: Revisited

Updated: Sept 29, 2019

Those of you who thought I was cRaZy... to propose and especially follow the classing strategy I outlined... well I did it. It took a hell of a lot of patience and waiting and scrimping. Well maybe I'm just a little bit cRaZy. From the time I started the endeavor through today - I have not run into a SINGLE player that attempted what I have. Every single LEGENDARY hero (27) that I own and use for anything had been first classed as of 09/20/19. Have I had enough time between then and now to identify if there is a noticeable difference in WAR results being every hero I use has their TALENT!? I do NOT know. NO would have to be my honest answer at this very moment. I don't have enough data to prove anything and I'm a busy guy. LOL. I can state i achieved a 6/6 and 5/6 1-shot back to back when every hero was 1st classed or higher. This is NOT a common result for me back to back.


PROBLEM: I love to raid! I completed my commitment to my Strategy. Which had me struggling hard when I was waiting to 1st class RANA whom was a very upsetting performer for me after a high $ summoning and speed leveling over Yunan for the AVG instead of SLOW speed. There is a reason I didn't hear much of her though she did on occasion surprise me or result in my death a couple times in raids. I was going to break down and call it quits - but I hung in there. She seemed to improve a wee bit 1st Classed, I think - still TBD.

My 1st classed Defense remained that way well into the period that class levels of Legendary heroes were averaging class 5-6 on Defense. My team held their own during that time period. They didn't show signs of weakness that many forecasted, nor did my raiding teams in general. Did my morning cups dwindle? Yes, however so were other players I talked with that were on the 'class the defense as high as possible' program. So that wasn't a cause/effect fact. I often raided teams classed 7 to 9 with my 1st classed team(s) successfully. Kage was the first to be classed higher than the class average. I opted out of Gimm early on the instant he went 4/80 (Kage was the rave at that time, still). Slowly I started increasing the class levels of my Raid Defense as preferable options did not exist. My Raid Defense has changed significantly since I started this project. I don't even use Kage except in WAR now and he is class level 9.


Some close friends suggested my shortcomings of ungodly hours raiding and not getting past #2 or #3 on the LEADERBOARD could have something to do with my classing. This wasn't always happening however, but often enough. For them emblems are used on 1 hero within a class for defense purposes. Unfortunately, my front line consists of 3 Wizards. I have opted to evenly spread the wealth between Hel, Guin and Hel #2. There has not been any indication to me, not even logically that it’s my Raid Defense. It is at bay while I'm actively raiding for the most part. Not suggesting their suggestion is not the viable answer. I recently began resetting some Legends and Epics that I felt were not up to my standards with the heroes I run them with. I'm always looking for an Edge. This defense suggestion has been firmly planted so my curiosity has pulled me into action - to find out - if my raid defense itself is affecting my offensive raiding specifically around the #1-#3 marker (or top-10 to top-20 after long raid periods). I've reached #1 a dozen times since - however with different Raid teams. Those specifically when the issue started have had to be benched after their short run of success. So, the variables are not constant in that respect. Just yesterday I spent a good 8 hours going at it and couldn't reach #1 with about 5 different raid teams... close but not #1.


27 Legends + 19 Epics = 43 War Classed Heroes with their Talents enabled

That provides for a solid team selection and POWER. Yes, I did class many Epics. Several to 7 or higher. Following is that list and what I've done since and/or plans for the near future:

- Boldtusk (16) Solid performer - revives and often. I will be taking him FULL eventually (sooner than later - as data mining indicates via GuiLDWare he is often on a winning strike force).

- Melendor (15). I reset him just days ago to bring my Zimkitha up to class 9 on my Defense. Wish that wasn't my only option as he is a great dispeller vs Aegir Tanks.

- Grimm (13) I reset him early on; soon as I got Kage to 4/80. Understand that Grimm was a test classing subject early on with BT and CC when v19 was released.

- Cheshire (13) I reset when I got Mitsuko to 4/80 - she got his emblems. Putting down my Cat was very hard to do! CC has been semi-restored to class 7 since. CC has been patient with me and will be going FULL eventually.

- Valeria (7). I will be taking her FULL sooner than later - she is my most prized Epic in terms of overall game play/enjoyment. She was at class 6 till recently. I finished Joon #2 yesterday so he and Rana may take precedence over Valeria for now.

- Rigard (6) I will take him full eventually, has proven valuable as an AOE healer - and is the most used Epic Healer in the LEADERBOARD, by double usually.

- Jackal (5) I personally only use Jack for D-down against Dark Titans, unless I'm in a pinch. Some swear by him and took him full. Even Full hes iffy for me. I'll focus on my dual Inaris, Marjana and Khiona.

- Caedmon (5) I reset early. At class 5, not comparable to CC, BT or Valeria IMO. During my EPIC play Caed was my prized hero & played him long into my LEGEND period (he was the last Epic to be replaced).

- Wilbur (3) I don't notice an improvement at this class level. He could be very impressive unclassed if he got to fire. May go higher or reset and give to Valeria/Joon/Rana.

- Hansel (3) Class level 3 doesn't do much for Hansel either, he seems to just die too quick. I'll be resetting to focus on further classing the Legends: Mother North, Ariel or Kunchen. These 3 make for a hard decision.

These Epics remain 1st Classed:
- Rigard #2 (1)
, Wilbur #2 (1), Boldtusk #2 (1).

These 1st Classed Epics were reset recently to further class my defense:
- Hansel #2 (1)
, Wu Kong (1), Cyprian (1), Boril (1), Kiril (1) and Kiril #2 (1)
    (I'm wizard heavy in Legends so these were for the extra bump needed by Ariel, Rana, Hel, Aegir and Inari #2).

I reset the following LEGENDS out of necessity:
- Zeline (1)
and Sartana (1)
    (to class either Hel, Hel #2 or Guin higher on my Defense very recently. So I can test the raiding hypothesis suggested).

I'm contemplating resetting the following Legends:
- Thoth-Amun (1) No change IMO 1st classed. This dog needs a 'rebalancing' IMO, and asap. See forum tread discussions.

- Ares (3) My disappointment with Ares set in long ago. I believe before or around when Delilah became the #1 TANK lol! Aeron was out then and was expected to take over. Yet it was Gravemaker who would displace her! Guinevere then stepped in and stripped it easily from GM. He would hold a tight #2 beside her for a long time. My complaints are primarily offensively - he dies quick and does relatively nothing for me on average except take up a spot. For E&Ps only full Metal head to toe warrior - he crumples like aluminum. I might try him on D before a reset. Just not sure that will be fitting I as well don't think he can hold a candle to Guin; though many say her time is over. I think Ares time was over long ago. I disagree on Guin - with her dual dark flanks Hel #1 and Hel #2 all 3 classed at level 3 - that partnership is holding well. Aegir is the only legitimate emblem recipient. This doesn't excite me, and he is already classed at level 4.

- Gregorian (1). I obtained Greg immediately at release with high hopes he would replace Elkanen. Elk was my nightmare. After SGGs 3rd 'rebalancing' act - Elk is acceptable. Greg didn't come close to the talk about him. Nor did he outperform Elkanen on my Defense. Today I'd take Elkanen over Greg, just for general purpose use. The reset would take Alasie up a class on my defense - or take Athena to class 2.


After satisfying some questions about Raiding Results, Morning Cups, the next several WAR performances and just plain and simple visible variances: positive or negative... I may go back and re-class Sartana and Zeline (hard to do so however being Hels and Guin could use the increase, to my knowledge). Then I would continue as I was, until WAR results indicate something negative. I have partially answered my question, I just need more WAR results and raid results to answer/back up my plausible theory of all heroes should be TALENTED for optimal performance overall. I hope this helped someone or is at least interesting. Realize the following with any of my personal hero performance comments: "The makeup of any given team and their specials can affect the value of your hero. Every hero in the game has a purpose. Some are obvious, some are not. Some are widespread others very niche (certainly we hope for the prior)" - from the Hero Utility: How to use this Utility. My undesired experience with a hero, which you may consider to be phenomenal - we just have different experiences, nothing more. Thanks. - RaZ


RaZoR's Classing Strategy

Posted: May 13, 2019

Updated: July 5, 2019 (My 1st and 2nd Class personal listings were adjusted)

Those without Legends your goals would be clear, and I will suggest these both for you and for Legendary players (just a perosonal listing):


FIRST CLASS (peronal listing)

Boldtusk, Rigard, Kiril, Grimm, Wilbur, Proteus, Buddy


SECOND CLASS or SPECIAL USE (peronal listing)

Valeria, Hansel, Wu-Kong, Jackal, Melendor, Sabina, Cheshire Cat


I have found Valeria post ‘balancing’ worthy for my purposes (and this game caters to Very Fast Heroes). Hansel has done decent for me. Special use: Wu-Kong for Titans (if you don't have Tarlak or Ranvir). Guardian Jackal for Dark Titans and potential MONO/3-2/4-1 teams of various types. Any of the AOE healers are great options, so include Melendor and Sabina (secondarily). CC (the Cat) was my TEST classing project - and has turned out for me to be a good Special use hero due to my lack of Sorcerers (Mits is 3/70, Thoth is cls1 and staying there).

My Strategy is Simple: It is based on Enabling Talent!

It is surprising how often a 3-6% chance fires...

Every hero should have their talent enabled for obvious reasons. Some Talents I agree are better than others. Those you consider worthless: that is a personal call. Revive is my favorite (and Evade has become my 2nd). If emblem collection efforts allow me, I will certainly push a favored talent over an un-favored during my classing per this strategy.

A) 1st Class every Legend I use regularly, in the order of use - as emblems allow.

B) 1st Class every Epic I use regularly, in the order of use - as emblems allow.

C) Further class Epics that have ‘special’ special skills to class level 7.

  • My Defense Team is 1st Classed.
  • My primary Raiding Teams are 1st Classed (or soon to be).
  • I have begun 1st Classing my primary War teams.
  • Legends again will not be classed beyond level 1, unless the emblems wouldn't be used otherwise.
  • This will continue until I’m done.
  • Should the field indicate Epics classed no longer compete with classed Legends (this is not matter of fact; it is to be determined over time) I would re-evaluate. This could be a very long time from now, perhaps not. At that point I should have enough resets saved up (I believe from steady war participation) that I can selectively reset my Epics of less value and move the emblems to my primary use Legends.

    Is this the correct strategy? I don’t know. I’m going to find out!

    Why did I choose class 7 as my EPIC target?
    It offers a fair % increase of the Talent being enabled as well a good marker to allow taking several to this level (as both emblems and time is limited for the goal) and I am 1st classing 20+ Legends. If I reach this mark across the board, I will certainly consider higher levels for those performing extraordinarily. Boldtusk has been such a hero to date.

    for example:
       Boldtusk 18% instead of 6%
       Grimm 18% instead of 6%
       Cheshire Cat 9% instead of 3%

    Most players appear to be classing their 'Defense' team as high as they can - with clear attempts at balanced classing (emblems allowing).

    Those of you without a strategy perhaps something to consider. Otherwise see you in what 3 months, 6 months, a year, a year and a half?

    Being I’m seeing classed 19 Epics already (a few) as well spotting Legends in the 9-12 range, Leaderboard access may be short lived for classed Epics. I'm shocked at the speed of leveling occurring even if it is semi-isolated, it is the Reality of it. The later range for Legends is a heap load of emblems within a single class to have obtained. It could be the timeline of Epic vs Legend classed heroes in terms of toe to toe capabilities, could be much shorter than expected.



    Class Leveling EPIC's?

    Brief including Examples: March 7, 2019

    Some have been curious what effect Class Leveling really has on your Hero's card/statistics. Those of you not willing to find out yet...

    Just look at some ole' favorites reborn (yes these are mine). BAD A#$ TUSK (cls 4) and KILLER GRIMM (cls 7). Look at their new talents in particular, their power (you knew this increased as well right?), attack, defense and health (I'm more concerned with getting the later 2 up for staying power) - click their pretty faces for a review.

    I understand waiting to see what happens... it's already happened. Funny in a sense just yesterday I was talking to a really good player who said they don't do the class quests, they aren't class leveling and have no plans to! I said "then you’re going to be in deep s#+@ in a couple months! You may as well pack up your account and go on a permanent E&P vacation."

    Some are weary to pull the Trigger... WHY? See the H.P.E.T. Report v3 for this Period in Review (2/17-3/6) and see what % of Top Players haven't Class Leveled.

    Should you Level EPIC's? Obviously if you’re an EPIC or newer player the answer is YES! I'm well into a LEGEND bench and I DID. Great new life into both these fellas and they did some wonders in the last WAR (3/6/19). I would advise you Class 1 level every hero you use on a very regular basis. You would be surprised how often a 3-6% chance goes off. Now do I use these guys on a very regular basis, no. I'm interested in the 'find out myself' approach (and already they are turning into something more valuable than I thought).