The Period in Review: Apr 17 - May 16


Top-100 Players

A new collection process has been established capturing Leaderboard Data. Next period I expect to go into further details around that (for now no player is included in positions #1-#6 being that is hardcore flasking land). The game has changed completely in terms of which Heroes comprise a team and land within the top 100. Classing continues to rise as expected. Trophy Range is no longer being tracked in terms of position #1. Troop range and player level have also been dropped to provide you with the new true positioning data further below.

MEMBERS SEE THE v4 H.P.E.T. Report for Summaries and Visuals of the reporting period.

Alliances - Current


Alliances - Cumulative

Having the most qualified members present within the current sampling period


Having the most qualified members present since July 2018 (periods summed)
This will be changing based on new data collection methods.

The Top-5 Alliances (Ties)
#1) Mixed Nuts-Extra Spicy
#1) Vivere Militare
#2) I am Batman
#3) Apocalipse Tuga
#3) Gulf Hawks
#3) Last Regiment

The Top Players
Player: Varian of Age of Retirement (trophies)
Player: BigMan of Mixed Nuts-Extra Spicy (appearances)


The Top-5 Alliances
1) Crystal Palace
2) Seven Days Departed
3) Aggressive
4) Blazing Dawn
5) King of the North

The Top Player
Player: ulcapack of I am Batman (appearances)

Who is Vivere Militare? Watch out for... BaTs?

Storming the LEADERBOARD in their first capture period ever!
Landing in position #1.
Where did they come from?
Meet Vivere Militare...

Perhaps the fastest Rise Ever...

I am Batman

...flys into the Alliances Top-100 Leaderboard.

In a months time.



Sartana the ultimate 'Bitch is Back'!
Did you really think she would stay down for long?
She was just DaNcInG with the DeViL, literally.

Lianna makes the biggest positioning jump back to the Top-15 EVER!
Up 17 positions!
A fan fav returns.


It is solidified that Kage is the highest-ranking hero ever to step into the 'Original' ULTIMATES Top-5.

Establishing in Right Flank at #3, Left Flank at #4, Right Wing at #6 and Left Wing at #11.

& playing Tank on occasion...

V.F. V.F. V.F. V.F. V.F.


True Positioning

Stop wondering where Heroes are most used, the Top-10 list is right here...

Left Wing
 1) Alberich 13.74%
 2) Mother North 9.27%
 3) Zimkitha 6.39%
 4) Alasie 6.07%
 5) Lianna 5.43%
 6) Evelyn 4.79%
 7) Zeline 4.47%
 8) Misandra 4.47%
 9) Gravemaker 3.51%
10) Drake Fong 3.19%


Left Flank
 1) Gravemaker 10.86%
 2) Zeline 7.67%
 3) Zimkitha 7.35%
 4) Kageburado 6.39%
 5) Magni 6.07%
 6) Kunchen 4.47%
 7) Drake Fong 3.83%
 8) Alasie 3.51%
 9) Misandra 3.51%
10) Mitsuko 3.51%

 1) Guinevere 22.68%
 2) Kunchen 14.06%
 3) Aegir 9.90%
 4) Gravemaker 9.27%
 5) Ares 4.79%
 6) Delilah 4.47%
 7) Onatel 4.47%
 8) Santa Claus 4.15%
 9) Magni 2.24%
10) Mitsuko 2.24%


Right Flank
 1) Gravemaker 12.46%
 2) Drake Fong 9.90%
 3) Kageburado 9.90%
 4) Zeline 7.03%
 5) Khiona 5.75%
 6) Magni 4.47%
 7) Lianna 4.47%
 8) Sartana 3.51%
 9) Alasie 3.19%
10) Mitsuko 2.88%


Right Wing
 1) Gravemaker 12.14%
 2) Lianna 9.90%
 3) Alasie 8.63%
 4) Evelyn 6.07%
 5) Sartana 5.75%
 6) Kageburado 5.43%
 7) Drake Fong 3.51%
 8) Marjana 3.19%
 9) Joon 2.88%
10) Azlar 2.88%



GRAVEMAKER remains the undisputed "KING of the HILL" for 29 collection periods Running (dating back to 8/7/2018).

#1 Gravemaker in 45.69% of the Top-100 teams; same spot, 8 duplicate uses.

#2 Kageburado in 24.60% of the Top-100 teams; up 2 spots, 1 duplicate use.

#3 Guinevere in 23.32% of the Top-100 teams; down 1 spot, 1 duplicate use.

#4 Alasie in 22.68% of the Top-100 teams; down 1 spot.

#5 Kunchen in 22.36% of the Top-100 teams; down 1 spot (tie).

#5 Zeline in 22.36% of the Top-100 teams; up 1 spot (tie).

Kageburado made his first appearance in THE ULTIMATES 02/16/2019. This is 4 in a row as well setting the highest rank outside of the original 5, EVER at #2.

Zimkitha made her first appearance in THE ULTIMATES 03/24/2019 period with her highest ranking of #3.

Kunchen made his first appearance in THE ULTIMATES 04/16/2019. In a tie with Kage.

Drake Fong made his only appearance in THE ULTIMATES 01/30/2019.

Only Sartana is missing as an 'ORIGINAL' in THE ULTIMATES. Back on the board this period, will she rise?


The SNAKE has risen, to strike back! This Martial of the Arts is well within distance to BLIND...

#7 Drake Fong in 21.73% of the Top-100 teams; same spot.

#8 Lianna in 20.13% of the Top-100 teams; up 17 spots, 1 duplicate use (sets record for largest rank rise EVER).

#9 Zimkitha in 15.97% of the Top-100 teams; down 2 spots (tie).

#9 Magni in 15.97% of the Top-100 teams; up 1 spot (tie).

THE RISING: Top 11-15

Sartana landed at the top of the RISING! She knows how to do this shit... expect there to be some knock down drag outs soon.

#11 Sartana in 15.02% of the Top-100 teams; up 12 spots, 1 duplicate use.

#12 Evelyn in 15.02% of the Top-100 teams; up 1 spot.

#12 Alberich in 15.02% of the Top-100 teams; down 1 spot.

#14 Aegir in 13.10% of the Top-100 teams; down 2 spots.

#15 Mother North in 12.46% of the Top-100 teams; down 6 spots.



Last period included Rigard, Boldtusk.
This period Wu elbows out Rigard!
Several cameos including: Triton, Hansel, Melendor, Kashhrek, Grimm, Boril, Kiril and Guardian Falcon.


Legends on the Bench...!

Well 4 were left at the door... the new collection process didn't leave many out!


FIGHT WEEK? UCLA stands alone in the ring...

UCLAPACK T.M.U.G.s Top-100 Cumulative Appearances Champion...

Where is the Fight?

I'm bringing it to you. My BaTs are flying North!



This is the TOON of the Moment. Come back later for a new one!

By: @RaZoR


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RaZoR's Classing Strategy

Posted: May 13, 2019

Those without Legends your goals would be clear, and I will suggest these both for you and for Legendary players (this is not a complete list):

Boldtusk, Rigard, Kiril, Grimm, Wilbur, Proteus, Hansel

I have found Valeria post ‘balancing’ worthy. Wu Kong due to high use with Titans and Buddy is favored by many. Any of the AOE healers are great options, so include Melendor and Sabina.

My Strategy is Simple: It is based on Enabling Talent!

It is surprising how often a 3-6% chance fires...

Every hero should have their talent enabled for obvious reasons. Some Talents I agree are better than others. Those you consider worthless: that is a personal call. Revive is my favorite. If emblem collection efforts allow me, I will certainly push a favored talent over an un-favored during my classing per this strategy.

A) 1st Class every Legend I use regularly, in the order of use - as emblems allow.

B) 1st Class every Epic I use regularly, in the order of use - as emblems allow.

C) Further class Epics that have ‘special’ special skills to class level 7.

  • My Defense Team is 1st Classed.
  • My primary Raiding Teams are 1st Classed (or soon to be).
  • I have begun 1st Classing my primary War teams.
  • Legends again will not be classed beyond level 1, unless the emblems wouldn't be used otherwise.
  • This will continue until I’m done.
  • Should the field indicate Epics classed no longer compete with classed Legends (this is not matter of fact; it is to be determined over time) I would re-evaluate. This could be a very long time from now, perhaps not. At that point I should have enough resets saved up (I believe from steady war participation) that I can selectively reset my Epics of less value and move the emblems to my primary use Legends.

    Is this the correct strategy? I don’t know. I’m going to find out!

    Why did I choose class 7 as my EPIC target?
    It offers a fair % increase of the Talent being enabled as well a good marker to allow taking several to this level (as both emblems and time is limited for the goal) and I am 1st classing 20+ Legends. If I reach this mark across the board, I will certainly consider higher levels for those performing extraordinarily. Boldtusk has been such a hero to date.

    for example:
       Boldtusk 18% instead of 6%
       Grimm 18% instead of 6%
       Cheshire Cat 9% instead of 3%

    Most players appear to be classing their 'Defense' team as high as they can - with clear attempts at balanced classing (emblems allowing).

    Those of you without a strategy perhaps something to consider. Otherwise see you in what 3 months, 6 months, a year, a year and a half?

    Being I’m seeing classed 19 Epics already (a few) as well spotting Legends in the 9-12 range, Leaderboard access may be short lived for classed Epics. I'm shocked at the speed of leveling occurring even if it is semi-isolated, it is the Reality of it. The later range for Legends is a heap load of emblems within a single class to have obtained. It could be the timeline of Epic vs Legend classed heroes in terms of toe to toe capabilities, could be much shorter than expected.


    WHO IS #1 with 3,292 Cups?



    JimMayehem of CRYSTAL PALACE...

    Many had tried, many had come close, yet only this man, ZERO the HERO has succeeded! Approximately May 4, 2019.



    Read the YouTube article for deails regarding RaZoR's new Raiding Team...

    WANTED: MONSTERS - The Quickest Way.

    RAZZLE DAZZLE 100 & what...!


    - Appears my buddy ENDER visited me today with his HIGH CLASSED Crew... Classes Smashes!
    - Ohhh and my single CLASSED "D" that you all think can't hold up... Razzle Dazzle my Smanazzles!
    - Watch RaZ take down The Heroes, Crystal Assassins, Srbija Zona, Swedish Alliance and TITAN
       back to back to back to back to back...

    TITAN of TOON II WINNER IS @Runecaster

    ANNOUNCED: 5/23/2019
    This is the TITAN of TOON II WINNER!
    Please Claim your prize by contacting Razor@EnPHero.com by 6/23/2019!

    Winter is Here...
    By: @Runecaster



    First Look - RaZoR's EDge2

    MAY Atlantis #8 Summons brings us the new #1 heavy hitters within each of their rarities (power): Ursena and Muggy!

    She is the new Holy Punisher of the deck: a serious Dark Reflector (vs Holy as well extra damage) with double damage on a healthy enemy!

    Muggy can bring any hero on the board back to life as a chameleon 1x (once converted to a chameleon no further rebirths are possible for them). Fast Muggy also takes the #1 attack position over for the Rares!

    MAY brings us HOTM #24 - Margaret! She is going to have some strong TILES...


    COULD MUGGY be the next ROCKY?







    The CaVe has a LyCaN: You best lock up everyone you Own... PERRO EaTs It aLL even the BONE!