The Period in Review: Mar 25 - Apr 16


Top-100 Players

Appears higher overall classed teams clearly have more choice in team makeup compared to old standards prior to classing (makes sense). Data Collection started on 4-16 2:30p and ended on 4-17 4:30a. A 14 hour period, the longest to date in terms of continuous monitoring/collecting. Being this was the longest period between collections, I was interested to see what if anything had changed, and plenty changed. Player Level, Troop Level nor Troop Type appears to have much if any relation/influence on Cups. Nor does cross referencing them for some type of relationship provide any logical information. I will likely drop the Troop recording process and find something more interesting to present you with! What is clear is there is 2/3 preference toward Mana Troops. It is also clear that classing has a very visible effect on hero performance. I had a revive occur 5 times in a row on a remaining 1 on 1 in which my hopes for a win dwindled each revive! I won out, but man... talk about some crazy odds hitting that many in a row. This is a clear testament of the POWER of Talents!

TROPHY RANGE: 2,747 to 3,212 (170 cups higher than previous - perhaps period length or classing)
TROOP RANGE (MIN): 01 to 30 (Avg 15.41 up about 1.25)*
TROOP RANGE (MAX): 11 to 30 (Avg 21.3 up almost 1%)
PLAYER LEVEL RANGE: 41 to 81 (Avg 56.05 up approx .35 of a %)
TALENT/CLASS LEVEL HEROES: 2.77 is the new class average.** (up nearly 1 full class level)
LEADING ELEMENT: FIRE continues to be the most used element and NATURE the least.

*Measuring min range as there are a good amount of stacked element teams. Troops for most players, currently have high degrees of maturity variation levels.
**See the updated 'Hero Position ✧ Element ✧ Talent - Report' for distributions

Alliances - Current


Alliances - Cumulative

Having the most qualified members present within the current sampling period


Having the most qualified members present since July 2018 (periods summed)

The Top-5 Alliances (Ties)
#1) Crystal Knights
#1) I am Batman
#1) Organized Chaos[OC]
#2) Del Boca Vista Estates
#2) Dracula's legion
#2) Immortal Assassins
#2) NMNEepNR bl
#2) Seven Days Forever
#2) Seven Days Reborn

The Top Player
Player: 3nb 116
Alliance: BoNHbl OnNMNa
Trophies: 3,212


The Top-5 Alliances
1) Crystal Palace
2) Seven Days Departed
3) Aggressive
4) Blazing Dawn
5) King of the North

The Top Player
Player: Uclapack
Alliance: I am Batman
Present: 17 of 29 (58.7%)



Alberich and Mother North prove they control the Wing, LEFT WING specifically! Gravy loses another #1 overall position advantage a second period in a row!

Gravemaker hangs onto a 16% share in the overall position. Alby & Mother take 34% of it and split it down the middle at 17% each.


It is solidified that Aegir is not here @ #3 due to testing 'balancing' improvements!

Kunchen smashes his way into the #2 position!

These 2 combined come in at 28% rivaling Guins 29% while Gravy slips to 7%.

THE ULTIMATES: The Downward Spiral!

Sartana is completely off the board! Not even in the Top 20... She is a fighter - I wouldn't EVER count her out! I chose to 4th Ascension her over Kunchen - purely out of respect. Pure Badass! C'mon Sarz!

Zeline? I didn't think she would drop this soon... setting her lowest use of 24% still strong - just not Top-5 strong.

Who sneaks back in by a hair... Alasie! It used to be that the Top-5 were double the use of the Contenders - Now the Top-10 are pretty much neck and neck.

Guinevere sets her all-time low usage @ 29% (in the Top-100 teams).

Gravemaker has clearly settled into their primary position: Flank (holding easily by a double margin over the next in line Zeline 36% vs 17%).

Hero Duplication has dropped significantly.

WAIT! There's more...news.

Ariel dove right in.

Ariel, Delilah, Mother North and Hel were the highest classed at level 6 for Legends (a single instance each).

Rigard was the Highest Classed at level 8 for Epics. Not seeing the distance between leveling 5* vs 4* expected (this is LEADERBOARD data however).

Mitsuko and Misandra have slipped back into the mix... and

Queen of Hearts just doesn't seem to be finding her place quite yet...

Atomos is nowhere to be found.

Appears Kunchen is preferred over Onatel for Tank. Not really a surprise. The 2 do like to travel together often sited side by side.


True Positioning (new)

This is my informative replacement to the discontinuation of Troop collection, see that section for why.

Left Wing
1) Alberich 16%
2) Mother North 15%
3) Zimkitha 10%
4) - including 4 & 5
5) - next period...


Right Wing
1) Gravemaker 13%
2) Kageburado 08%
3) Alasie 06%
4) -
5) -

Left Flank
1) Gravemaker 21%
2) Zeline 11%
3) Zimkitha 08%
4) -
5) -


Right Flank
1) Gravemaker 15%
2) Kageburado 11%
3) Drake Fong 08%
4) -
5) -

1) Guinevere 29%
2) Kunchen 15%
3) Aegir 13%
4) -
5) -



GRAVEMAKER remains the undisputed "KING of the HILL" for 28 collection periods Running (dating back to 8/7/2018). Now, Gravemaker is double the use of any hero in the game except Guin. Lost the #2 TANK position last collection peirod, Lost the #1 Wing position this period and their use per team RISES? WTF?

#1 Gravemaker in 57 of the Top-100 teams; same spot, up 5 uses, 2 duplicate uses.

#2 Guinevere in 29 of the Top-100 teams; same spot, down 3 uses (HER LOWEST USE TO DATE)

#3 Alasie in 25 of the Top-100 teams; up 3 spots, same use, 1 duplicate use. Back in the Top!

#4 Kunchen in 25 of the Top-100 teams; up 8 spots, up 13 uses. The 4th to break into the Top-5.

#4 Kageburado in 26 of the Top-100 teams; up 1 spot, up 4 uses.


Kunchen made his presence known to THE ULTIMATES for the first time this period. IN A TIE WITH KAGE!

Zimkitha made her first appearance in THE ULTIMATES last period, at the highest ranking of an 'outsider' @28% 03/24/2019.

Drake Fong made an appearance in THE ULTIMATES 01/30/2019.

Kageburado made his presence known to THE ULTIMATES on 02/16/2019 and this period is 3 in a row.


Zeline finds herself in an unusual position for the first time in some 270 days...

#6 Zeline in 24 of the Top-100 teams; down 2 spots, down 3 uses.(HER LOWEST USE TO DATE)

#7 Zimkitha in 22 of the Top-100 teams; down 4 spots (tie with Drake), down 6 uses.

#7 Drake Fong in 22 of the Top-100 teams; up 1 spot (tie with Zim), up 3 uses.

#9 Mother North in 19 of the Top-100 teams; up 6 spots, up 9 uses.

#10 Magni in 18 of the Top-100 teams; down 3 spots, down 6 uses.

THE RISING: Top 11-15

Alberich moved to the top of the RISING, just 1 use shy of Magni in the Contenders.

#11 Alberich in 17 of the Top-100 teams; up 13 spots, up 10 uses. Now that is a jump? Evelyn/Lianna struggle I suspect.

#12 Aegir in 15 of the Top-100 teams; same spot, up 3 uses.

#13 Evelyn in 14 of the Top-100 teams; down 2 spots, up 1 use.

#14 Delilah in 12 of the Top-100 teams; up 1 spot, up 2 uses.

#15 Onatel in 11 of the Top-100 teams; down 5 spots, down 2 uses.



Last period included Rigard, Boldtusk. No change.


Legends on the Bench...!

Not to say that any of these Heroes do not make the cut, they just are not top choices or too rare to be seen? I will leave that to your discretion, as there are many below I would be more than happy to have in my pool in general. These pictured here however, were balanced recently...

Red Hood, Natalya, Morgan Le Fay, Leonidas
Horghall, Justice, Khagan, Lady Locke
Domitia, Guardian Kong, Mok-Arr, Guardian Owl
Quintus, Thorne
Anzogh - new release HOTM (makes sense, kind of...)
Atomos - has basically gone nowhere fast (as opposed to Ariel and Frida)



Rare_Cnt=35 (22.73%)
Epic_Cnt=46 (29.87%)
Legend_Cnt=73 (47.40%)
Power Range: 440-775 (335 variance)
Attack Range: 368-824 (456 variance)
Defense Range: 359-830 (471 variance)
Health Range: 597-1545 (948 variance)


UCLA is taking a WALK in the Park

UCLAPACK E&Ps TOP DOG in the T.M.U.G. Top-100 Cumulative Appearances moves up to a Whopping Player Level 81 and has 17 Appearances Cumulative. She takes 2 steps forward from the PACK and doesn't appear to give a S#8T about looking back.

Word on the street is she and the fox are making plans with a Dark Knight! The 2 steps forward is the number of collection periods she leads by.



This is the TOON of the Moment. Come back later for a new one!

Winter is Here...
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