The Period in Review: Feb 17 - Mar 06


Top-100 Players

There continues to be large variation with player hero selection and placement.

TROPHY RANGE: 2,730 to 3,088 (about 50 cups higher both ways )
TROOP RANGE (MIN): 03 to 30 (Avg 15.51 down a full 1%)*
TROOP RANGE (MAX): 08 to 30 (Avg 21.0 down .11 of a %)
PLAYER LEVEL RANGE: 30 to 78 (Avg 55.23 down .17 of a %)
TALENT/CLASS LEVEL HEROES: 98% were at Level 1 or higher (this is a 37% increase over last period)**

*Measuring min range as there are a good amount of stacked element teams. Troops for most players, currently have high degrees of maturity variation levels.
**See the updated 'Hero Position ✧ Element ✧ Talent - Report' for distributions

Alliances - Current


Alliances - Cumulative

Having the most qualified members present within the current sampling period


Having the most qualified members present since July 2018 (periods summed)

The Top-5 Alliances (Ties)
#1) Aggressive
#1) Wahre helden
#2) Blazing Dawn
#2) Casinha do Lobo Mau
#2) NMNEPNR bl
#2) BeSt of Romania

The Top Player
Player: API
Alliance: N/A = Merc
Trophies: 3,088


The Top-5 Alliances
1) Crystal Palace
2) Seven Days Departed
3) Aggressive
4) Blazing Dawn
5) Seven Days Fermented

The Top Player
Players: Zero & Uclapack NO CHANGE!
Alliance: Seven Days Departed; Crystal Palace
Present: 15 of 27 (55.5%) - correction made 3/24/2019
Zero not present
Uclapack not present

flowerosel (7DD) looks to be the next one to approach these two...


Sartana Takes Down Kage! She's back!...?

SARTANA takes down Kageburado with being DUPLICATE USED this collection period!

98% of the LEADERBOARD had at LEAST 1 Hero Class Leveled. Some all of them across the entire team, some in multiples.

Zimkitha and Kage are all up in Sartana's Grill. Really these Three are within a stone toss of each other.

FIGHT WEEK RESUMES! Neither ZERO or UCLAPACK showed up this period. FLOWEROSEL is the next one to make the approach it appears...


Gravemaker down 15 uses coming in with a measly 0.20% above their lowest ever set 221 days ago @11.20% (in the pool of 500) on 7/29/18!

Alasie down 11 uses & ties her lowest usage @7.20% (in the pool of 500) set very recently on 2/16/19!

Add in Sartana's struggles, 3 of 5 are basically hitting their lows all at the same time...

I checked - indeed, this period is the ULTIMATES LOWEST %USE since 7/29/2018 @ combined 40% matching their 1/30/19 low (rounding would make this the lowest). The first initial dips were noticed 1/16 & 1/30 periods. Don't get me wrong they all are still running amazing figures... it's apparent we are in the inital stages of what will likely become a takeover further down the road.



GRAVEMAKER remains the undisputed "KING of the HILL" for 26 weeks Running.

#1 Gravemaker in 52 of the Top-100 teams; same spot, down 15 uses, 5 duplicate uses.

#2 Zeline in 41 of the Top-100 teams; up 2 spots, same use, 2 duplicate uses.

#3 Guinevere in 41 of the Top-100 teams; down 1 spot, down 6 uses.

#4 Alasie in 35 of the Top-100 teams; down 1 spot, down 11 uses, 1 duplicate use.

#5 Sartana in 22 of the Top-100 teams; up 2 spots, up 3 uses, 1 duplicate use.

THE ULTIMATES set a record low use @ 40% on 01/30/2019 (also losing Sartana for the same period) and the current period with rounding is LOWER.

Drake Fong made an appearance in THE ULTIMATES 01/30/2019.

Kageburado made his presence known to THE ULTIMATES on 02/16/2019.


Kage? Dual SarSar ran over your CarCar eh buddy?... Just look left people, do you think he is happy about that?

#6 Kageburado in 22 of the Top-100 teams; down 1 spot, down 7 uses.

#7 Zimkitha in 21 of the Top-100 teams; up 1 spot, up 4 uses.

#8 Drake Fong in 18 of the Top-100 teams; up 1 spot, up 3 uses.

#8 Alberich in 18 of the Top-100 teams; up 4 spots, up 7 uses.

#10 Magni in 17 of the Top-100 teams; down 4 spots, down 3 uses.

THE RISING: Top 11-15

Delightful to see you back Delilah... Joon that is one hell of a jump! Evelyn is back... and she is pissed! Matter of FACT, so is JOON!

#11 Delilah in 15 of the Top-100 teams; down 1 spot, same use.

#12 Lianna in 14 of the Top-100 teams; up 2 spots, up 6 uses.

#13 Guardian Panther in 11 of the Top-100 teams; same spot, up 4 uses, 1 duplicate use.

#14 Evelyn in 11 of the Top-100 teams; up 4 spots, up 5 uses.

#14 Joon in 11 of the Top-100 teams; up 22 spots, up 9 uses.

Every single member of the CONTENDERS old and new have the ability to dethrone more than just Sartana... and the RISING are RiSiNg! A WAR is brewing peeps! This 💩 is gonna get GOOD!!!



Last period it was Hansel, Boldtusk, Falcon, Kashhrek, Rigard.

Some of us are class leveling EPICS being they cost 1/2 as much and take 1/2 the time to become FULLY Talented.

It's a risk if you were a Legendary level player prior to the v18 release and EPIC's become your primary focus for this potential period: I believe there is going to be a stretch of time (not sure how long but a good chunk of time) that the EPIC/LEGEND playing field will be VERY BLURRED, fully leveled EPICS might even get ahead of some of the LEGENDS (or give them hell while they can). There are some tricky as well trustworthy EPICS. Now this may be public knowledge already and I've just missed the boat? However What I'm seeing hints toward it even more solidly now. Well, when that time comes it will be VERY INTERESTING and disturbing to the players only Talent leveling LEGENDS who didn't think things through.

Now on the other side of this, if you were a Legendary level player and ONLY Talent level EPICS, well that stretch will come to an end when the Legendary Players catch up! It will be a tricky balancing act to stay on the 'Razors Edge'. Best Success on your decisions.

Note: I'm seeing a good # of higher level players just zooming their entire Legendary 'D team' through the class leveling process...wow.




Go Rin No Sho


The Phoenix Warriors




ZERO: Blades of Death


Challenge Events LEADERBOARD
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What is this Users Group For?


New Players Training...

Sorry guys, this just got scratched - feel free to stop by while I'm still here though...

MY DAYS with CC (the Coolest Cat around)

Review Presented on: February 22, 2019
So I have put a lot of time, effort and expense into CC. So I don’t want it to go to waste being one of the few that have CC in use - and not share my experience with my PEEPS!

If you have Cheshire - I would recommend a level to 3/60 without any doubts. CC will both reward you and upset you. That's life and a cat - put some more of that into the game on purpose! If you are a player that hasn’t solidly entered the LEGENDARY PLAYER status - TAKE CC ALL THE WAY to 4/70!

When you want to HAVOC Good time WHO are you going to call? CHESHIRE CAT! CHESHIRE CAT! MEeaaaieaaoooww! CC... you're So Baaaad

If you are a Legendary Player who enjoys intense competition and really need a dependable GAME CHANGING DARK HERO or a SORCERER Class of the same in your Defensive lineup or your goto WAR team Cheshire isn't going to make you really happy. Being one of my most costly investments in this game to date, I'm still not unhappy with Cheshire. Cat's aren't the best at taking direction most of the time!

Be aware that this is a SPECIAL ASSESSMENT Hero. Thus the high level of attention & detail being provided on my behalf. My reasons for doing so: (A) I have a strong attachment to Cheshire from my past and (B) I wanted to try out class leveling an EPIC to higher levels as soon as possible - and I couldn't think of a better target for me!

RAIDS: YES! CC has moved the TANK for me many a time - I just have a better option than CC for dependability so that use will not be a lot for me in the future I'm thinking. Take my word on it, Cheshire is valuable on Raids with a bit of caution. I've used CC a good 50+ times in that role (maybe more) in the following team lineups 1/1/1/1/1, 2/1/1/1 and 3/2. I have some very happy moments to thank CC for. I started using CC at Class 3.

EVENTS: YES! Challange, Seasonal and Special Events CC will be valuable often. Too bad Kitty can't move a Titan! Just use care based on Event time, your remaining resources (battle items and World Energies) and obviously the reflect element when you do.

DEFENSE: Not CC's strong Area. Realize I have a bench of Dark Legends so when CC is bugging me over and over with 'Purrrrrrr... Put me in Coach... Purrrrrrr...' odds are this kitty charm just insn't going to have the power to sway it needs. This is the only area of testing remaining form me to close out and I'll be back for the final update on that.

Research is definitely done!

On Defense I run about 70-100 trophies lower using CC instead of Hel. Sorry guys that is all I could really push a long term test with. Understand I am a Legendary player with a bench so my results are skewed - if your a EPIC or lower player and you have CC - different ballgame!
I know there are several players with an inventory like myself that state they don’t see the value or the F.U.N. with CC, and that is just too bad. Case in point and not that I would ever do it again, friend used CC on their 1st WAR FLAG!!! And got lucky - CC moved the tank - they won easily… that WILL NOT ALWAYS happen. CC is a CAT, CAT’s do what they want when they want not what you want when you want them too - just keep that in mind and you will do fine with CC!!!
I’m still happy with CC. I did Class Level to 3 before use. Again being where I am as a player with my bench, if I could go back I would today stop at Class 1. That’s just me. I may end up in the future taking CC all the way, just for staying power. IDK.

TITAN: Not the best option if you have another Dark that is worthy, if CC is your only option it's who you have for now. You will get another Dark soon enough.

WAR: A Good MAYBE. Really depends what your bench consists of and how bad the team needs you to Win the battle at hand. Just don't put your $ on CC to follow your instructions. Being in your 4th or later string - you would likely take CC in.

LATER THIS WEEK I will have a WAR example using my 2nd Flag up on my new channel:

Keep in mind this is just my opinion and you have to take into consideration whose on the team with CC!!! You can use my experience as a basis to assist your decision but don't make it based on me! Over time the Hero Utility will identify CC's value in a much broader perspective and that would be more trustworthy if you have CC and are not a "I gotta have CC now" kinda player :blush:. I will make the following comment again: Playing as long as I have, I have learned that EVERY HERO has a use in the game. Some just have amazing stats across the board and of course those are the ones we want. On a final note: Some heroes do not maximize their full potential until they are FULLY ASCENDED & LEVELED:




Collecting Data: Mar 22 - Mar 24
This is not a common announcement on my behalf. I'm implimenting some new collection routines, thus the notice. Also giving Zero and Uclapack a notice! Ha ha.


Had to cut something and this report was not automated enough for it to stay in the big picture. See the H.P.E.T. Report it is ordered by TANK and will need to suffice!

Version 2 Release Date: March 07, 2019

This is a re-arrangement version. As suggested by a couple friends, and I agree. It's easier to read and with a quick glance you can get an answer instead of having to follow rows across columns.

Version 1 Release Date: February 19, 2019 10:30AM MST USA

Well that’s what I’m calling it for now (subject to change) - because it specifically addresses TANKS (and more). And TANKS are a HUGE topic here.

Guys this is data extracted and manipulated to provide an excellent regularly updated TANK report showing top player trending, hero preferences/popularity, positioning, and there is just nothing available like it I’ve come across in the past when I was looking…

This is not meant to be an extension of the H.P.E.T. (it is more ‘TEAM’ based - this is much more specific) this is a break-away from it for a different perspective and certainly a completely different presentation. However it does pull from the same data pool - yet there is/will also be multiple specific collections unique to this report - ‘random’ supplemental data extractions (and even image captures to answer some of the harder questions regarding TANK use that are current hot topics) that will go along with it! I’m working on that integration.