Hero Reports (LEADERBOARD) | Data Extracted:02/09/2019

Data is extracted from the Top 100 LEADERBOARD Players. The Date and Time of the sampling is Random. The process takes many passes and cycles as players are included in the Top-100 only after remaining present for 10 minutes or longer. This ensures the right teams and players are being recorded - as many with a lucky roll can make it in for a couple seconds and are immediately bounced out never to return!

1) Top 15 Used Heroes (This does include duplicates on a team) D = Defensive Grade. O = Offensive Grade. GPAb = GPA Blend of the D + O.
2) 5 Stars Not Used Only including Legendary Heroes as including Epic would make for a long list and not really provide any insight.
3) Top 5 Alliances Defined as the Alliances with the most # of members present in the Top-100 during a RADOM collection date and time! If the number of members present is a tie, it's sorted by Alliance name alphabetically (This method identifies the more active LEADERBOARD participants for the period).
4) Most Duplicated Hero (A Hero gets 1 'vote' for each instance they are included 2 or more times on a players LEADERBOARD team)
5) Hero Pos Top 5 (ea Type) This adds the Left/Right Rear positions together, the Left/Right Flank positions together, and the Stand alone Center position. The Report then identifies the Top 5 for these 3 sets of data.
6) Hero Pos Top 5 (multi Type) This includes the Top 5 Heroes being used in more than one position - by the total in all Positions (so a True Top-5 Hero could be replaced in this data setie).
7) ***NOTICE*** HERO GRADE/GPA CHANGE - This is now available within the review itself using a visual excerpt from the Hero Utility.
8) Top-100 EPIC Hero Appearances - It is VERY UNLIKELY that there is data in this extract anymore (or very rare).

Empires & Puzzles - Top 15 Heroes Used

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Star Heroes Not Used

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Alliances

Empires & Puzzles - Most Duplicated Hero

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Heroes Each Positions

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Heroes Multi Positions

Empires & Puzzles - Top-100 EPIC Hero Appearances

In regards to Rare Heroes - they will never be found in the LEADERBOARD data. There are enough players with a fully ascended Legendary team.
It is becoming more and more rare that EPICS's are included in these teams, however, I am hearing that EPIC heroes are going to be the BOMB with Talent Leveling for some time... so there could be a surge in the near future?

Data Archives

The Period in Review: Feb 01 - Feb 09


Top-100 Players

There continues to be large variation with player hero selection and placement.

TROPHY RANGE: 2,685 to 3,000 (slight movement upward with both figures)
TROOP RANGE (MIN): 01 to 30 (Avg 15.23 up 2.03%)*
TROOP RANGE (MAX): 10 to 30 (Avg 20.96 up 1.59%)
PLAYER LEVEL RANGE: 33 to 85 (Avg 54.96 up .57 of a %)
TALENT LEVEL HEROES: 40.2% were at Level 1 or higher (this is a 29.6% increase over last period)**

*Measuring min range as there are a good amount of stacked element teams. Troops for most players, currently have high degrees of maturity variation levels.
**See the updated 'Hero Position ✧ Element ✧ Talent - Report' for distributions

Alliances - Current


Alliances - Cumulative

Having the most qualified members present within the current sampling period


Having the most qualified members present since July 2018 (periods summed)

The Top-5 Alliances (Ties)
#1 tie) Aggressive
#1 tie) Seven Days Departed
#2 tie) * King of the North *
#2 tie) Inviolable
#2 tie) NMNEPNR bl
#2 tie) Our Most Sacred Weapon
#2 tie) The Heroes TM Jlbkl

The Top Player
Player: Elecode
Trophies: 3,000


The Top-5 Alliances
1) Crystal Palace
2) Seven Days Departed
3) Aggressive
4) Blazing Dawn
5) Seven Days Fermented

The Top Player
Player: Zero
Alliance: Seven Days Departed
Present: 15 of 25 (60%)
Captured at #2 with 2,964 Trophies

SARTANA IS BACK in the Top 5!

SARTANA IS BACK replacing Drake Fong... Short lived Snake! Not as her usual self, yet back. Kageburado isn't too far behind.

Mother North, Misandra, Ares and Athena are back! Ares trades in his Tank for Flank!? Literally, he is used more in the Flank position than the Tank position.

Gravemaker's use declines for the 3rd period in a row. While the TOP-5 use % in the pool of 500 increases from the low of 40% last period to 43.8%.

The TIE is over, ZERO takes his position back as the Top Player (see above). He officially remains unbeaten! uclapack goes packing...

Player experimentation continues, in particular with the Tank position... There is a lot of movement on the board this period.

AlexForquet of NMNepNR bl is at LEVEL 85. The highest I've come across so far.

Initial Grades for Kage & Onatel

Well here you have it, thier Initial Grades...
Those of you who obtained Kage, I understand why you are smiling.

Initial Grades courtesy of: Seven Days Departed. GPA's are calculated by the Hero Utility (see Grading Scale).


GRAVEMAKER remains the undisputed "KING of the HILL" for 24 weeks Running.

#1 Gravemaker in 60 of the Top-100 (13.40%|500) down 7 uses and duplicate down from 9 to 7 this period.

#2 Guinevere in 50 of the Top-100 (10.00%|500) up 14 uses and 3 positions. Used in every other team!

#3 Zeline in 41 of the Top-100 (8.60%|500) up 2 uses and 2 duplicate uses - stays in same position.

#4 Alasie in 35 of the Top-100 (7.20%|500) down 6 uses and 1 duplicate use, down 2 positions.

#5 Sartana in 23 of the Top-100 (4.60%|500) up 7 uses and up 2 positions.

THE ULTIMATES set a record low use @ 40% on 01/30/2019 (also losing Sartana for the same period).

Drake Fong is the ONLY ohter hero to make an appearence in THE ULTIMATES since data sampling began 7/29/2018 on 01/30/2019.


KAGE takes over as the DARKNESS runner-up! With a GPA @3.72, very likely the next to challenge Sartana!

#6 Kageburado in 19 of the Top-100 (3.80%|500) on the board and 4 uses shy of Sartana.

#7 Magni in 16 of the Top-100 (3.20%|500) up 3 uses and 2 positions.

#7 Alberich in 16 of the Top-100 (3.20%|500) up 4 uses and 4 positions.

#9 Guardian Panther in 14 of the Top-100 (3.00%|500) back on the board, including 1 duplicate use.

#9 Drake Fong in 15 of the Top-100 (3.00%|500) down 4 uses and down 4 positions.

THE RISING: Top 11-15

Momma knows best eh? From nowhere last period to the top, back from her vacation! Is she here to stay?

#11 Mother North in 14 of the Top-100 (2.80%|500) from nowhere to top of the RISING!

#12 Zimkitha in 13 of the Top-100 (2.60%|500) down 5 uses and 6 positions.

#13 Misandra in 12 of the Top-100 (2.40%|500) back on the board!

#13 Ares in 11 of the Top-100 (2.40%|500) moving from Tank to Flank? Back on the board. 1 duplicate use.

#15 Victor in 10 of the Top-100 (2.00%|500) down 3 uses and 6 postions

#15 Athena in 10 of the Top-100 (2.00%|500) from lost to found! Back on the board

#15 Evelyn in 10 of the Top-100 (2.00%|500) down 1 use yet holds her debut postion of last period.

#15 Delilah in 10 of the Top-100 (2.00%|500) down 2 uses and 2 postions

Lianna, Khiona and Marjana go on a trip south together.

Weekly Review|Data Archives



For some this may be fodder, to others a FIGHT!

introducing first.... from the black corner. He hails from SEVEN DAYS DEPARTED and is rated by many as the best pound for pound E&P player around:


introducing the challenger.... from the blue corner. She hails from CRYSTAL PALACE and is noted by many as the most active E&P player around, perhaps the best pound for pound:


It could end up very BLACK & BLUE between these TWO.

Zero had been the 'Cumulative Top Player' for 23 weeks running until... yet not surprisingly, the LEADERBOARD busy bee, UCLAPACK caught up in a tie with ZERO last random collection period. This is a week to watch! Eyes are on these 2 champions. Who is going to come out on top? Or will the TIE continue?
Trophy Count taken at 8:20PM USA MST on 2019/02/08
Note this is NOT a trophy count competition, it is a random appearance cumulative title.

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Member Rankings for each of the Challenge Events!

Rare, Epic and Legendary!

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Added: Hero Position * Element * Talent - Report - This summary provides the lates data extracted LEADERBOARD teams, their talents, element color coded, broken down into summaries identifying team layouts - more to come.

Added: MEMBERS LEADERBOARD (SIDE BAR) - This condensed version only includes the #1 position for Members who have logged in in the past 30 days for the Original 5 Member Statistics.


Added: 'ACTIVE MEMBERS' Definition - To the MAIN DISPLAY LEADERBOARD. This is simply defined as a Member who has logged into their account in the past week. Otherwise Member Statistics data is not Included.

Added/Edited: MEMBERS LEADERBOARD (MAIN DISPLAY) - A Total of 11 REVOLVING MEMBER STATISTICS are now available for Friendly Competition! 6 are NEW to this cycle (which previously was 1 statistic rotating daily).
Every minute, 11 Member statistics are rotated in the following order*:
01) Most Titans Defeated (5 seconds) Top-5
02) Raid Win Streak (5 seconds) Top-5
03) Highest Titan Damage (5 seconds) Top-5
04) Most Raid Wins (5 seconds) Top-5
05) Highest Global Ranking (5 seconds) Top-5
06) Strongest Titan Defeated (5 seconds) Top-10
07) Highest Combo (5 seconds) Top-5
08) Highest Trophies (10 seconds) Top-5
09) Fully Ascended 'Legendary' Heroes (5 seconds) Top-5
10) Fully Ascended 'Epic' Heroes (5 seconds) Top-5
11) Fully Ascended 'Rare' Heroes (5 seconds) Top-5

Added: rZr-TuNeZ - This is RaZoRs SPOTIFY Playlists - a couple players asked to Follow me and at the Time I didn't have anything public.

Added: Kunchen HOTM-21 - Card Images, Stock Member Avatar, Initial Razors Edge data - and made available to the Hero Utility v3.

*The Server's Time is used to identify the current second you arrive to the site. Where it falls within the 11 point rotation will remain on your screen until you do a 'Refresh'.