Hero Reports (LEADERBOARD) | Data Extracted:12/16/2018

We freeze the Top 100 LEADERBOARD Teams at a given interval and collect their information through Empires & Puzzles interface and place it in a data store. We understand that ranks can shift some during collection - still an excellent sample. Data Sampling will occur on regular basis (day) at a random time.

1) Top 15 Used Heroes (This does include duplicates on a team) D = Defensive Grade. O = Offensive Grade. GPAb = GPA Blend of the D + O.
2) 5 Stars Not Used Only incuding Legendary Heroes as including Epic would make for a long list and not really provide any insight.
3) Top 5 Alliances (We sort them by Alliance name so only 1 is recognized if there is a duplicate at #5 for the current week)
4) Most Duplicated Hero (A Hero gets 1 'vote' for each instance they are included 2 or more times on a players LEADERBOARD team)
5) Hero Pos Top 5 (ea Type) This adds the Left/Right Rear positions together, the Left/Right Flank positions together, and the Stand alone Center position. The Report then identifies the Top 5 for these 3 sets of data.
6) Hero Pos Top 5 (multi Type) This includes the Top 5 Heroes being used in more than one position - by the total in all Positions (so a True Top-5 Hero could be replaced in this data set).
7)***NOTICE*** HERO GRADE/GPA CHANGE - Now availible within the Weekly Review itself.
8) Top-100 EPIC Hero Appearances

Empires & Puzzles - Top 15 Heroes Used

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Star Heroes Not Used

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Alliances

Empires & Puzzles - Most Duplicated Hero

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Heroes Each Positions

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Heroes Multi Positions

Empires & Puzzles - Top-100 EPIC Hero Appearances

In regards to Rare Heroes - understand that our LEADERBOARD Statistics are pulled from the Top 100 LEADERBOARD teams so Rare heroes will never contain this section of the data. As of this time there are enough long term players of the game that they have a full 5 star team. This is true for the most part in regards to Epic Heroes as well - those that do appear - consider likely special (Kiril is one such Hero that has life after a players move into the Legendary player realm (for special purposes at a minimum). These Epic heroes are in report 8.

The Period in Review: Dec 06 - Dec 16

Top-100 LEADERBOARD trophy count ranges: 2,746 up to 2,981 (slight rise from last week).

Zimkitha drops off a cliff following her debut at LUCKY #13 last week!

Victor finds Zim's un-LUCKY #13 and bats it up to HIS DEBUT AT #9!

Santa and Mother North - It's just a matter of time...

Alasie tanks into the ice fishing hole with a 2.2% Dive in the pool of 500, huge DoWn from last week!

Alberich gets roosted off his perch of 3 weeks by 'D'.

Mitsuko makes friends with Natalya.


#1 Gravemaker in 70 of the Top-100 (15.00%|500). He extends his consecutive WIN streak to 19 in a row at #1. Duplicate use up from 4 to 5 this week. Gravy is going for an Andrew Jackson.

#2 Guinevere in 40 of the Top-100 (8.00%|500) - moves up 1 spot from last week +2 uses.

#3 Zeline in 37 of the Top-100 (7.40%|500) - rises from #5 to #3 Tie with Alasie with no change in use from last week!.

#3 Alasie in 37 of the Top-100 (7.40%|500) - Goes -10 from last week! A whole 20% decrease!

#5 Sartana in 36 of the Top-100 (7.20%|500) - moves down 1 spot from last week -1 uses.

Sartana holds the record for lowest use @ 5.8% in the pool of 500 heroes set on 11/24/18. A whole 1% pool use lower than Quins Low.
THE ULTIMATES set the record for lowest use @ 47.6% in the pool of 500 heroes set on 11/24/18.
This Top-5 team holds the record for highest use @ 56% in the pool of 500 heroes set on 10/13/18 and matched on 11/03/18.
Gravemaker holds the record for highest use @ 18.60% in the pool of 500 heroes set on 10/27/18.
NEVER has any of the Top 5 stepped outside of the Top 5 since data sampling began on 7/29/18.


Alby is knocked of his perch after 3 long weeks by the 'D' and her minions!

#6 Delilah in 20 of the Top-100 (4.00%|500) - up from #11 last week +5 uses.

#7 Alberich in 18 of the Top-100 (3.80%|500) - Drops from the Top of the CONTENDERS down -4 uses + 1 duplicate.

#8 Drake Fong in 17 of the Top-100 (3.60%|500) up 1 spot and includes 1 duplicate.

#9 Victor in 16 of the Top-100 (3.20%|500) - MAKES HIS FIRST APPEARANCE AT #9 in A 4-WAY TIE!

#9 Hel in 16 of the Top-100 (3.20%|500) - up a spot or 2 due to ties +3 uses. Magni @ 7% holds the record for highest use in the pool of 500 heroes set on 7/29/2018 for the CONTENDERS.

THE RISING: Top 11-15

Giving this to Lianna even though in reality Her and Magni tied in appearances, gave Victor and Hel the Upper hand on the 4-way Tie.

#9 Lianna in 16 of the Top-100 (3.20%|500) - drops 1 spot -3 uses.

#9 Magni in 15 of the Top-100 (3.20%|500) - drops 2 spots -4 uses + 1 duplicate.

#13 Guardian Panther in 14 of the Top-100 (2.80%|500) - goes -2 uses and drops 3 spots.

#14 Aeron in 10 of the Top-100 (2.00%|500) - basically remains unchanged in use and position.

#15 Isarnia in 9 of the Top-100 (1.80%|500) - sneaks her head above water as usual, in last position.

Weekly Review|Data Archives

Note: Due to the 2019 Announcement of Hero Classes and Talents the Full Cards are off the Table. I'll be going with Option 1 more than likely.

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Top Alliance's

The Top-5 Alliance List is compiled weekly during the data extraction of the Top-100 players (LEADERBOARD).

The following Alliances have the highest # of Cumulative members present since 07/29/18.

The Top-5 Alliances
1) Crystal Palace
2) Seven Days Departed
3) Blazing Dawn
4) Aggressive
5) Seven Days Fermented

The Top Player
Player: Zero
Present: 13 of 20 (65%)
Ranks Summed: 132
Avg Rank: 10.15

Blazing Dawn overtakes Aggressive. Zero adds one on!