Hero Reports (LEADERBOARD) | Data Extracted:11/17/2018

We freeze the Top 100 LEADERBOARD Teams at a given interval and collect their information through Empires & Puzzles interface and place it in a data store. We understand that ranks can shift some during collection - still an excellent sample. Data Sampling will occur on regular basis (day) at a random time.

1) Top 15 Used Heroes (This does include duplicates on a team) D = Defensive Grade. O = Offensive Grade. GPAb = GPA Blend of the D + O.
2) 5 Stars Not Used Only incuding Legendary Heroes as including Epic would make for a long list and not really provide any insight.
3) Top 5 Alliances (We sort them by Alliance name so only 1 is recognized if there is a duplicate at #5 for the current week)
4) Most Duplicated Hero (A Hero gets 1 'vote' for each instance they are included 2 or more times on a players LEADERBOARD team)
5) Hero Pos Top 5 (ea Type) This adds the Left/Right Rear positions together, the Left/Right Flank positions together, and the Stand alone Center position. The Report then identifies the Top 5 for these 3 sets of data.
6) Hero Pos Top 5 (multi Type) This includes the Top 5 Heroes being used in more than one position - by the total in all Positions (so a True Top-5 Hero could be replaced in this data set).
7) Which Heroes Had A Grade/GPA Change This identifies all Heroes who's Grading has improved or declined since the last data pull (Red=Decline, Green=Increase, Yellow=Just used as filler to identify the change lines).
8) Top-100 EPIC Hero Appearances

Empires & Puzzles - Top 15 Heroes Used

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Star Heroes Not Used

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Alliances

Empires & Puzzles - Most Duplicated Hero

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Heroes Each Positions

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Heroes Multi Positions

Empires & Puzzles - Which Heroes Had A Grade Change

Empires & Puzzles - Top-100 EPIC Hero Appearances

In regards to Rare Heroes - understand that our LEADERBOARD Statistics are pulled from the Top 100 LEADERBOARD teams so Rare heroes will never contain this section of the data. As of this time there are enough long term players of the game that they have a full 5 star team. This is true for the most part in regards to Epic Heroes as well - those that do appear - consider likely special (Kiril is one such Hero that has life after a players move into the Legendary player realm (for special purposes at a minimum). These Epic heroes are in report 8.

The WEEK in Review: Nov 11 - Nov 17

Top-100 LEADERBOARD trophy count ranges: 2,721 up to 3,072 (a higher bottom and top).

THE ULTIMATES increase their overall pool use 3% from last week.

Alberich moves into the top spot of the CONTENDERS up 3 from last week.

Misandra improves her defensive grade! It appears this Amazon is supportive.

Khiona's moves into #12 making it her 4th Week on the board!

Guinevere swaps spots with Sartana!

Hel rises up into the top spot of the RISING Group at #11.

Drake snakes down from the top spot to the last spot tie in THE CONTENDERS.

Marjana makes it back into the Top-15!

Aeron is back on the board at #14.

Joon and Vivaca hang on!

Lianna slips out of the Contenders falling into #12.


Misandra gets an increase before she is brought back into the line-up!

She moves from a B to A in Defensive Support improving her Defense to a 3.67 GPA (a +.34).

Giving Misandra a 3.69 overall GPA (a +.13 overall improvement).

Because she really needed an Improvement! :D


#1 Gravemaker in 78 of the Top-100 (17.60%|500). He extends his consecutive WIN streak to 16 in a row at #1.
Increases his duplicate use to 10 this week.

#2 Alasie in 49 of the Top-100 (9.80%|500) - maintains her position from last week.

#3 Zeline in 47 of the Top-100 (9.40%|500) - maintains her position from last week.

#4 Guinevere in 43 of the Top-100 (8.80%|500) - ups Sartana and has 1 duplicate use.

#5 Sartana in 43 of the Top-100 (8.60%|500) - moves down 1 and has 1 duplicate use.

Gravemaker holds the record for highest use @ 18.60% in the pool of 500 heroes set on 10/27/18.
Guinevere holds the record for lowest use @ 6.8% in the pool of 500 heroes set on 9/29/18.
This Top-5 team holds the record for highest use @ 56% in the pool of 500 heroes set on 10/13/18 and matched on 11/03/18.
NEVER has any of the Top 5 stepped outside of the Top 5 since data sampling began.

Empires and Puzzles Top 5 Heroes LEADERBOARD Heat Map 2018-11-17


Alby gets his magic back and is ready to use it...

#6 Alberich in 20 of the Top-100 (4.00%|500) - up 3 spots from last week!

#7 Guardian Panther in 18 of the Top-100 (3.80%|500) - up 1 spot and has 1 dup use.

#8 Delilah in 16 of the Top-100 (3.20%|500) - down 1 spot.

#9 Drake Fong in 14 of the Top-100 (2.80%|500) - down from 6 to 9.

#9 Magni in 14 of the Top-100 (2.80%|500) - back in the Contenders.

Magni holds the record for highest use @ 7% in the pool of 500 heroes set on 7/29/2018.

THE RISING: Top 11-15

Hel back on the Rise! This group has the largest # of players ever.

#11 Hel in 13 of the Top-100 (2.60%|500) - inces up into the top spot!

#12 Khiona in 11 of the Top-100 (2.20%|500) - improves and has 1 dup use.

#12 Lianna in 11 of the Top-100 (2.20%|500) - drops from the Contenders to the middle here.

#14 Aeron in 8 of the Top-100 (1.60%|500) - takes over Khiona's spot from last week.

#15 Marjana in 6 of the Top-100 (1.20%|500) - sneeks back into the Top-15!

#15 Joon in 6 of the Top-100 (1.20%|500) - maintains his position from last week.

#15 Vivica in 6 of the Top-100 (1.20%|500) - maintains her position from last week.

Weekly Review|Data Archives

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Top Alliance's

The Top-5 Alliance List is compiled weekly during the data extraction of the Top-100 players (LEADERBOARD).

The following Alliances have the highest # of Cumulative members present since 07/29/18.

The Top-5 Alliances
1) Crystal Palace
2) Seven Days Departed
3) Aggressive
4) Blazing Dawn
5) Seven Days Fermented

The Top Player
Player: Zero
Present: 12 of 17 (70.5%)
Ranks Summed: 127
Avg Rank: 10.58

No change in either.