Hero Reports (LEADERBOARD) | Data Extracted:10/21/2018

We freeze the Top 100 LEADERBOARD Teams at a given interval and collect their information through Empires & Puzzles interface and place it in a data store. We understand that ranks can shift some during collection - still an excellent sample. Data Sampling will occur on regular basis (day) at a random time.

1) Top 15 Used Heroes (This does include duplicates on a team) D = Defensive Grade. O = Offensive Grade. GPAb = GPA Blend of the D + O.
2) 5 Stars Not Used Only incuding Legendary Heroes as including Epic would make for a long list and not really provide any insight.
3) Top 5 Alliances (We sort them by Alliance name so only 1 is recognized if there is a duplicate at #5 for the current week)
4) Most Duplicated Hero (A Hero gets 1 'vote' for each instance they are included 2 or more times on a players LEADERBOARD team)
5) Hero Pos Top 5 (ea Type) This adds the Left/Right Rear positions together, the Left/Right Flank positions together, and the Stand alone Center position. The Report then identifies the Top 5 for these 3 sets of data.
6) Hero Pos Top 5 (multi Type) This includes the Top 5 Heroes being used in more than one position - by the total in all Positions (so a True Top-5 Hero could be replaced in this data set).
7) Which Heroes Had A Grade/GPA Change This identifies all Heroes who's Grading has improved or declined since the last data pull (Red=Decline, Green=Increase, Yellow=Just used as filler to identify the change lines).
8) Top-100 EPIC Hero Appearances

Empires & Puzzles - Top 15 Heroes Used

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Star Heroes Not Used

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Alliances

Empires & Puzzles - Most Duplicated Hero

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Heroes Each Positions

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Heroes Multi Positions

Empires & Puzzles - Which Heroes Had A GPA Change

Empires & Puzzles - Top-100 EPIC Hero Appearances

In regards to Rare Heroes - understand that our LEADERBOARD Statistics are pulled from the Top 100 LEADERBOARD teams so Rare heroes will never contain this section of the data. As of this time there are enough long term players of the game that they have a full 5 star team. This is true for the most part in regards to Epic Heroes as well - those that do appear - consider likely special (Kiril is one such Hero that has life after a players move into the Legendary player realm (for special purposes at a minimum). These Epic heroes are in report 8.

The WEEK in Review: Oct 14 - Oct 21, 2018

The BOW beats the MAGIC this week...
@ her highest Ranking in Data Collection History #7
Alberich @ his lowest Ranking in Data Collection History #8

Top-100 LEADERBOARD trophy count ranges: 2,663 up to 3,146

Guardian Panther @ her highest Ranking #6
(she has been in this spot 2x previously in the more recent past)


This week Mok-Arr receives his initial grade and it is awesome!!! An overall GPA of 2.5 (C).

Offense 2.6 (B)
Defense 2.5 (C)
vsTitan 2.4 (C)

He does appear in this week’s data of the Top-100 1X (flank position, probably just getting those pearly whites shined).

Talk about a terrible Legendary! Mok-Arr is a 'Special' limited release hero! I'm not aware of a Hero of the Month EVER coming in so initially low (nothing under a B). So what is it with Mok? Must be those fins walking on the hot pavement. I suspect there are a lot of disappointed individuals that scored this Butt Shark... please SHUT your mouth Mok.

Brrrrr... it's a little icy in here!

Isarnia gets a bump in Titan Performance! B to an A (in the Versus category)! Way to go woman!

That improves her previous GPA of 3.2 to 3.4. That is a +.06% net increase in her Overall Grade.

Misandra - gets screwed when she is out! She drops from a LEADERBOARD A rating to a hot B (in the EFFECT category).

Ouch! Big Girl getting hit where it hurts! Her LEADERBOARD GPA drops from @3.67 to 3.33 a -.13% net effect.


#1 Gravemaker in 82 of the Top-100 (17.60%|500). Gravy had one less duplicate appearance this week (6 instead of 7). He extends his consecutive WIN streak to 12 in a row at #1, Amazing!

#2 Alasie in 56 of the Top-100 (11.40%|500) - a slight improvement from last week.

Zeline and Guinevere trade positions this week - I guess Zeline likes to be on the bottom - sometimes.

#3 Guinevere in 53 of the Top-100 (10.60%|500)

#4 Zeline in 43 of the Top-100 (8.60%|500)

#5 Sartana in 35 of the Top-100 (7.20%|500)

Gravemaker holds the record for highest use @ 17.80% in the pool of 500 heroes set on 10/13/18.
Guinevere holds the record for lowest use @ 6.8% in the pool of 500 heroes set on 9/29/18.
This Top-5 team holds the record for highest use @ 56% in the pool of 500 heroes set on 10/13/18.
NEVER has any of the Top 5 stepped outside of the Top 5 since data sampling began.

Empires and Puzzles Top 5 Heroes LEADERBOARD Heat Map 2018-10-13


Panther throws Magni to the Curb HARD! He drops 3 spots this week.

#6 Guardian Panther in 22 of the Top-100 (4.80%|500)

#7 Lianna in 19 of the Top-100 (4.00%|500) - She jumps back into action! It has been awhile since she was up this high (usually at the 10 spot).

#8 Hel in 16 of the Top-100 (3.20%|500) - Hel made her first appearance in THE CONTENDERS last week and moves up 2 spots this week! She is coming on pretty strong. Mommy?

#8 Magni in 16 of the Top-100 (3.20%|500) - Mag's - dude really?

#10 Delilah in 14 of the Top-100 (2.80%|500) - Little 'd' ends up in the gutter position this week.

Magni holds the record for highest use @ 7% in the pool of 500 heroes set on 7/29/2018.

THE RISING: Top 11-15

Drake fell... like off a cliff! He took a real dive! Dang Drake. I hope those Kung Fu feet are still dancin'.

#11 Alberich in 13 of the Top-100 (2.60%|500) - I really did NOT see this drop out of the CONTENDERS for Alby - his first time here since data sampling began on 7/29, in fack 8 is as low as he would go, until now.

#12 Aeron in 11 of the Top-100 (2.20%|500) - The mad hatter is back!

#13 Gregorion in 10 of the Top-100 (2.00%|500) - Greggs... didn't think you were going to make it back!

#14 Vivica in 9 of the Top-100 (1.80%|500) - This classy lady is probably just stopping in on her way out

#15 Isarnia in 8 of the Top-100 (1.60%|500) - Isarnia is back too!

I think its date night for the little Miss Red Hood. Who else is stepped out for the night? Joon?

Weekly Review|Data Archives

Proof that your Alliance is Like Family

For anyone out there that thinks this is just a game - with no depth: trust me… when you fight alongside your teammates for an extended period of time, you get connected. I love these guys and I won't forget any of them that stood by me through thick and thin. Chins up! Shields tight! Swords high! Go chop the shit out of em TM!


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Empires & Puzzles TM BOOT CAMP 101


I have proof that a lot can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time without a huge investment. Watch for the article here - IT IS GOING TO BLOW YOUR MIND! Just getting you hyped up ha ha - I'm going to share the results right now -the PROOF and the STORY will follow. It's odd how timing plays a key role in connecting you with the right people.

On my usual Saturday evening an Author (Amie F.) interested in launching her own business contacted me on Tawk.to (during my posted Q&A hours) - we chatted for a bit...

She had been following my articles on TitanMafia.com as well the 'Hero Utility' and it's our common Addiction to E&P that she made the connection (if you're really following - then this is your call out to get back with me Amie - RaZoR@TitanMafia.com or RaZoR@EnPHero.com) - and she was - connected again. Then the idea came to me of 2 very impressive stories I could give her, this is one of them. So it makes sense she would be interested in the Exposure that is available through this site.

QUICK SUMMARY: Your favorite player @RaZoR - ME! Ha! Just Joking, I take a brand new player @Runecaster (who has interests in D&D, Comics, The Marvel Universe, Animation, Star Wars, etc. - perfect candidate for E&P). I put her through a rigourus Training Session and some short ones. Share Tips and Tricks and Make many Recommendations in Shorter Sessions.

TITAN MAFIA BOOT CAMP 101 w/RaZoR I documented our training sessions/time together and progress. Primarily screen shots along the way - a Before and After capture.

RESULTS: Total of 8 hours of play time. Rune has a Full EPIC Rear and Flank set of Heroes and it's led by Legendary HOTM Center Aegir. They are @ Level 9. Total Cost:$ 4.99 for VIP PASS and $100 in standard cost gem package (10,000). That is 1 Benjamin and 1 Abe. They have 3K Gems to spare for the Seasonal Summons: VAMPIRES GALORE!

Luck of the Irish? Perhaps so... SHOUT OUT TO MY IRELAND PEEPS!! GO IRELAND!! Yeah I have a bit of Irish in me! I will be introducing @Runecaster into our community next week. STAY TUNED!

Shout out to Avalon Lounge

They are taking down a RARE Thunder Unicorn at this Very Moment! My first Titan Battle with another Alliance in 480 days! MeRc'n it for a bit while I get some stuff straightened out! Shout out to my old Peeps especially Lord Jashin - Got word from @Ber that you bad asses put up a "good war"! Was I in it? Lol. Back to Avalon - giving them a Shout Out! In particular Percival who recruited me in! Helena who welcomed me in (GO CANADA EH?) and Tusharahsan3000 - great people! There will be 2 openings when I fair them well. HungLikeOrc is their current Trophy leader @ 2407 and they are open with only 200 count required. If you’re looking - go join up with them! Spidey stay on top of em! If you guys need me again you know where to find me. Thanks for the good experience with you guys. Now let's wrap this Unicorn up! Who gets the horn? Avalon DESTROYED IT!!! TUSHARAHSAN GOT THE PRIZE! Right on T! Farsight Telescope :)

Goddesses - PLAYOFFS Series 1 Rounds 1 - 6

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Fairest of them All?

Following are the results of the 7 Rounds leading up to the Playoffs! The ladies are being introduced as the winners of each of their matches then in order of % of votes they received overall.
This is by no means the final group, these are likely in's though. Some of the competitions were tougher than others granted. A new series is starting up - THE PLAYOFFS! See where we are at in Defining the Playoff Rounds. Feel free to stop by and put in your opinion, especially those of you voting outside of the Forum! We don't bite! Well not that hard anyway.

A Big Huh Haa to @Shohoku79 for his efforts on this! There were several ideas on the table (thanks everyone) - just nothing close to the well laid out plans he put together!   The Architect!

Goddesses Playoffs Seed 1

Layla vs. Guinevere
Morgan Le Fay vs. Zeline
Isarnia vs. Athena
Natalya vs. Elena

Goddesses Playoffs Seed 2

Layla vs. Guinevere
Morgan Le Fay vs. Zeline
Isarnia vs. Athena
Natalya vs. Elena

Top Alliance's

The Top-5 Alliance List is compiled weekly during the data extraction of the Top-100 players (LEADERBOARD).

The following Alliances have the highest # of Cumulative members present since 07/29/18.

The Top-5 Alliances
1) Seven Days Departed
2) Crystal Palace
3) Aggressive
4) Seven Days Fermented (tie)
4) Blazing Dawn (tie)
Where is Wahre helden?

The Top Player
Player: Zero
Present: 10 of 13 (77%)
Ranks Summed: 120
Avg Rank: 12.00
The man is inching up on that Average rank, slowly but surely.


I welcome you all. In addition to you all taking an active role (if you wanted to) in working with me to build out the MEMBERS AREA for 'fun' Empires & Puzzles themed events, you all also get to participate in these events for prizes as well recognition! I think it can become a very positive addition to our gaming life. Your patience is appreciated as the Members Area is definitely 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION'.

If your ‘avatar’ is changed without notice – it’s nothing personal, it simply conflicts with the ideals of my efforts being strongly aligned within the context of the game itself.

I will address all IMPORTANT issues affecting the group as a whole in as a timely manner as possible. I will try to assist you individually, time permitting. The Users Group will have to take a back-seat to the ‘Hero Utility’, Weekly Statistics and Site Content updates, time with my children, and the real job I have that provides for my family.

Lastly.. I need to get some E&P playing time in too! :).

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