Hero Reports (LEADERBOARD) | Data Extracted:09/15/2018

We freeze the Top 100 LEADERBOARD Teams at a given interval and collect their information through Empires & Puzzles interface and place it in a data store. We understand that ranks can shift some during collection - still an excellent sample. Data Sampling will occur on regular basis and extend the statistical data reporting - much will be revealed over time as it is immediately. We realize this isn't 100% accurate and sampling times will vary. The data is very revealing never the less and we are enjoying doing it for now.

1) Top 15 Used Heroes (This does include duplicates on a team) Note: The D_Overall = the Defensive Grade.
2) 5 Stars Not Used (Not including 4*s because so few are used. Kiril was used 2x. Hansel was used 1x.)
3) Top 5 Alliances (We sort them by Alliance name so only 1 is recognized if there is a duplicate at #5)
4) Most Duplicated Hero (A Hero gets 1 'vote' for each instance they are included 2 or more times on a players LEADERBOARD team)
5) Hero Pos Top 5 (ea Type) This adds the Left/Right Rear positions together, the Left/Right Flank positions together, and the Stand alone Center position. The Report then identifies the Top 5 for these 3 sets of data.
6) Hero Pos Top 5 (multi Type) This includes the Top 5 Heroes being used in more than one position - by the total in all Positions.
7) Which Heroes Had A Grade/GPA Change This identifies all Heroes who's Grading has improved or declined since the last data pull (Red=Decline, Green=Increase, Yellow=Just used as filler for change lines).

Empires & Puzzles - Top 15 Heroes Used

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Star Heroes Not Used

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Alliances

Empires & Puzzles - Most Duplicated Hero

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Heroes Each Positions

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Heroes Multi Positions

Empires & Puzzles - Which Heroes Had A GPA Change

In regards to Rare Heroes - understand that our LEADERBOARD Statistics are pulled from the Top 100 LEADERBOARD teams so Rare heroes will never contain this section of the data. This is true of the Epic heroes as well (I mention those that appear in report definition 2). As of this time there are enough long term players of the game that they have a full 5 star team. p.s. I remember when having Boldtusk as your front man was GOLDEN!

The WEEK in Review: Sept 9 - Sept 15, 2018

Gravemaker stays in the #1 position amongst the LEADERBOARD elite! This is 7 times in a row! Gravy also gets a defensive grade buff making it his 3rd A+ in the category. Sartana steps back down into a position 4 tie with Guinevere. Up a notch moves Alasie into position 3. Last but not least, Zeline returns to her most comfortable spot in position 2 under Gravemaker.

Grade Changes were significant and are therefore summarized in their own section below.

A quintuple tie for #14 occurred this week between Gregorion, Drake Fong, Thoth-Amun, Vivica and Ares. I mention this as the Top 15 list only included 2 of them based on sorting.

This 5 hero combination in the LEADERBOARD Top-5 continues to outshine all others, maintaining around 50% of the LEADERBOARD use market of the Top 100 player’s (as shown in the heat map below). Though positioning has changed regularly between the ladies, NEVER has any of the Top 5 stepped outside of the Top 5 since data sampling began. And there are really no signs of it happening anytime soon. Magni early on was the greatest challenger to date with 7% use.

Empires and Puzzles Top 5 Heroes LEADERBOARD Heat Map 2018-09-15

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Twelve Grade Changes... did you notice?

Guardian Panther and Quintus shake off their Scarlet Letter "D"'s like a bad case of fleas!

Who benefits most from this tree shaking event? The Panther! Of Course! Her Defensive GPA hikes up to a 3.33 vs the prior 2.83 (this was the most significant single grade impact on the GPA's of this group). Oddly she steps down to her lowest LEADERBOARD ranking since sampling began to #10 - not the way she wanted to celebrate this news!

Three take a hit! Alberich, Elkanen (a double) and Red Hood.

And Nine rise! Drake Fong, Gravemaker (gets another A+), Guardian Kong (a double), Guardian Panther, Joon, Lady Locke (a double), Morgan Le Fay, Quintus and Scarlett (a double).

The ICE Kingdom remains neutral!

Please see Anchor's Guide for grade category definitions and to identify specificly what was changed (in reference to the summary provided below).

Empires & Puzzles - Which Heroes Had A GPA Change

Atlantis Speaks...Meet the A-Team

Actually lets rephrase that "Misandra Speaks"! This battle ready broad makes a strong showing indicating she may have worth in the Rear position on Defense. She also takes a stab at the Flank. It is likely we will see much of her being her Hero Grade comes in at an "A" - showing prowess in the Offensive and Defensive positions. She scores the highest GPA of the Atlanteans @ 3.69.

Tarlak makes his first appearance in the data sampling in the Flank position this week. He shows a very high competency as a Destroyer of Titans with a rare "A+" vs Titan grade. His overall GPA comes in @ 3.58.

Wilbur whom made his first appearance in the data last week weighs in with the 2nd highest GPA of the Atlanteans @ 3.60.

Proteus is the final of the 17 Atlanteans to receive an initial "A" grade. The Rare heroes (6) have yet to be graded.


These grading results clearly establish THE LAGOON FAMILY as the GODFATHER of the families. See the section titled "Empires & Puzzles FAMILY LINK - Reference" below. The Next Atlantis Summons will be this month on the 26th - may your summoning gift you with those mentioned above!

Please see Anchor's Guide for a full listing of the Atlanteans Hero Grades.

The Tier 2 ELITE Team


This announcement was made on 09/01/2018. The next tier of heroes to follow the Top 5 drops off in appearances by about 50%. This group has however established themselves as The Tier 2 Elite Team of LEADERBOARD Heroes based on use by the Top 100 player’s statistics. These 5 consistently have battled for positions just below the top 5 as long as the Top 5 have been the Top 5! They will be named in the order of greatest cumulative percent usage to the least. Alberich, Magni, Delilah, Guardian Panther and Marjana.

The first 4 mentioned have held spots 6-9 consistently (trading positions with each other just like the Top 5). It's the 5th position within this group that has been fought for. This battle has been between Lianna and Marjana. Aeron stole it from the ladies once.

Lianna therefore gets very special mention! She actually had the higher cumulative use since sampling started between the two. Update 9/15 - so my gut just may have been wrong on the call between the two ladies. Let's see what happens next week.

Khiona: The half-way mark.

She is at her half-way availability mark. And I'm beating this topic to death! Fact: Khiona is showing up more. Yet still hasn't shown up in the data.

I'm seeing her some in Raids (mine and others) - several times. However, I have only witnessed her fully ascended in the following 2 cases:

1) Happiness of Nachtstrum. Khiona was part of their defensive team. She got her special off but was the first to die in a lineup of the top 5 (Z, GM, Guin, Alasie) - so basically filling in for Sartana. I easily won the raid - which really isn't saying much as anyone can beat anyone with favorable boards (within reason). Or perhaps Sartana is the glue that holds the Top 5 together as a winning team? Unlikely...

2) Zero of 7 Days Departed. Khiona was part of a full Dark team lineup, obviously a fictitious challenge team in the Pirates of Corellia event (hiding who he actually used to obtain that sweet #3 spot - at the time - or maybe being the bad a$$ he is he was actually using an all Dark team!).

What is and what isn't Small Giant Games working on?
Thanks @Petri for the post and @Coppersky for the reference.
Post Updated 31 Aug, 2018
THIS ONE IS HUGE SO PLACING IT HERE: Ability to evolve heroes further. We’re working on a new major feature that will enable all heroes to be developed beyond their current limits. This big feature is planned to enter beta testing soon.

Challenge Events

Challenge Events are held monthly. During an event is your only opportunity to obtain the associated special heroes via the 'EVENT SUMMON'. While available your summoning odds increase as you can land a HOTM, a Legendary hero as well as the Special Event Heroes! So these are definitely worth saving your gems for.

The Challenge Events:

Pirates of Corellia

Fables of Grimforest

Guardians of Teltoc

Knights of Avalon

Four-fold advice:

First - be stocked up on battle items if you want any chance to place in the top 4 ranking reward categories (and I mean stocked up). Otherwise, settle on just completing it with what you have. You will need something to help get you through the last level or two.

Second - this should be very obvious. DO NOT bring a hero in that matches the events reflect element - unless you have no other choice! There is that rare case where one is such a great strategist that they can do so.

Third - know who the Bosses and monsters are in each of the 10 levels so you plan appropriately with your battle items, hero team selection & placement from the beginning! Fortunately @Mariamne has documented this for us:

CE Boss & Monster Map

Fourth - this applies to the few - having a deep bench of fully or near fully ascended 4 and 5 star heroes of the opposing element (to the events reflect element) gives you the best odds of landing on the visible leader board! Honestly - any element other than the reflect element if you have the deep bench - the idea here is maximum damage! Logic will assist you after reviewing the map above.

Guinevere - The Mother of ALL Mothers

A.K.A. GUIN 'THE TANK'! If we look at or factor in Time of Availability (TofA) to Summon/obtain these Heroes:

Sartana = well, NO factor shes been available a long time.!

Zeline (HOTM-09), Alasie (HOTM-12) and Gravemaker (HOTM-13) = 30 days

Guinevere = 9/10 days (Gamers correct me if I'm wrong - shooting from the hip at the moment)

One could argue that Guinevere is the TRUE #1 LEADERBOARD Hero. Using very simple math if she had been a HOTM (3*8.5% = 25.5%) Where 8.5% is her current average usage % in the Top 100. Her TofA is 1/3 of the HOTM's in this set of data (thus the simple multiplication). We could arrive at a very real potential CURRENT usage statistic of up to 20%. That would translate into her appearing in the Center 100% of the time in the Top 100 LEADERBOARD player’s teams (or more likely some use in the Flank with Primary use in the Center). She would have an obtainable 25% usage if she was used in dual capacity at times. Hypothetically.

Gravemaker and Guardian Panther have made several dual appearances on top LEADERBOARD teams.

Could you imagine facing 2 Guinevere’s - taking turns firing off their special every 2-3 turns? So basically after the first instantiation of her special skill, Guin 2 sits on hers for a couple turns, thereby remaining in effect the entire PVP between the 2 of them? I actually shudder at the thought. I've yet to come across this frightening possibility.

Guardian Panther would also qualify for a TofA factor... However I don't shudder at her x2.

P.S. The Hero utility in the future may take into account a factor based on TofA as well as How long the Hero has had a history in the Hero Utility. For example - Khiona was made available Sept 1st, 2018 while Gregorion was made available July 1st, 2018. The Hero Utility has only been recording statistics however since July 29th, 2018. Therefore Greg wouldn't get much slack if any compared to Khiona. And on the other end of the spectrum, Sartana would be given ZERO slack (She has been with us a long time). Perseus and Hel would have a modified TofA due to them being made available again in the Atlantis Event Summons. Now this crap is getting complicated – and I actually enjoy this s#&t. I'm looking into all these things or at least thinking about them...

At a minimum I want to have a factor to adjust the Cumulative statistics and provide an availability date (1st appearance) and TofA in the data for the users of the Utility. These are very doable.

The PRIMARY idea/purpose around the collection of Top 100 players Hero usage was/is to identify who the top LEADERBOARD players are using. This is very valuable for making decisions on who next to use your precious ascension materials on when you have more than one hero to contemplate (and I think many of us are in this position), as well to identify WHO IS HOT and WHO IS NOT (or WHO SUCKS and WHO KICKS AXE) another very valuable decision making tool- and it does this! There is a report in the weekly E&P Hero Reports that specifically identifies all 5*’s NOT used in the collection and the entire history is available to you. This is a great guide of whom to set aside in regards to your time and materials for a potential later date in hopes of a future SGG 'Balance Change'. SIDE NOTE: Many players by DEFAULT use their LEADERBOARD team as their Offensive team (as many of the TOP Heroes are that versatile) – certainly several of them. Yes, adjustments are made based on whom they are facing, by all means, I’m just saying in general. Data is Data, Stats are Stats and Opinions are Opinions. So this data does lend itself beyond defense. However, being this data is 'labled' defensive in its origin/collection I won’t say anymore on that topic. The Current statistics will begin to change at some point revealing the preferred/better heroes that will begin replacing the old. Use % will start to dive in the Top 5 while other Heroes will rise until there is a potential complete change in the Top 5. This could occur by existing heroes being buffed by SGG as well. I realize this data does limit its value to those of us with fully ascended 5* teams, to a degree. It is also very valuable to those moving from fully ascended 4* teams into the 5* realm (or simply someone obtaining their 1st or couple 5* heroes). Furthermore 4*s that end up in the data, well that indicates they are, or potentially are very special in some way (Kiril in particular and Boldtusk to a degree are good examples of this). Certainly in Challenge Events, Wars and Even some Titan situations - Your 4* and not so great 5*'s bench absolutely has value. Data collection has only been going on for approximately 8 weeks. And I'm just brainstorming - if you actually got this far into it, then your into this game like I am - NERD! As a final note, your time is appreciated as well your support - I hope you find the site useful and enjoy/use the Hero Utility. Thank you. Razor