Hero Reports (LEADERBOARD) | Data Extracted:08/18/2018

We freeze the Top 100 LEADERBOARD Teams at a given interval and collect their information through Empires & Puzzles interface and place it in a data store. We understand that ranks can shift some during collection - still an excellent sample. Data Sampling will occur on regular basis and extend the statistical data reporting - much will be revealed over time as it is immediately. We realize this isn't 100% accurate and sampling times will vary. The data is very revealing never the less and we are enjoying doing it for now.

1) Top 15 Used Heroes (This does include duplicates on a team) Note: The D_Overall = the Defensive Grade.
2) 5 Stars Not Used (Not including 4*s because so few are used. In this set Kiril, Gretel and Rigard were used once. Boldtusk twice.)
3) Top 5 Alliances (We sort them by Alliance name so only 1 is recognized if there is a duplicate at #5)
4) Most Duplicated Hero (A Hero gets 1 'vote' for each instance they are included 2 or more times on a players LEADERBOARD team)
5) Hero Pos Top 5 (ea Type) This adds the Left/Right Rear positions together, the Left/Right Flank positions together, and the Stand alone Center position. The Report then identifies the Top 5 for these 3 sets of data.
6) Hero Pos Top 5 (multi Type) This includes the Top 5 Heroes being used in more than one position - by the total in all Positions.
7) Who Got a GPA Change This identifies all Heroes who's Grading has improved or declined since the last data pull.

Empires & Puzzles - Top 15 Heroes Used

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Star Heroes Not Used

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Alliances

Empires & Puzzles - Most Duplicated Hero

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Hero Positions

Empires & Puzzles - Top 5 Hero Multi Positions

Empires & Puzzles - Who Got a GPA Change

As of 8/12/2018 we have added the Rare Heroes to the Hero Utility. Understand that our LEADERBOARD Statistics are pulled from the Top 100 LEADERBOARD teams so Rare heroes will never contain this section of the data. This is true of the Epic heroes as well (I mention those that appear in report definition 2). As of this time there are enough long term players of the game that they have a full 5 star team. p.s. I remember when having Boldtusk as your front man was GOLDEN!

The WEEK in Review: August 12-18, 2018

Gravemaker stays in the #1 Spot in the LEADERBOARD Ranks. That makes it 3 in a row for Gravy. In the 8/07 import he/she also got a grade Buff in the Area making it into rare A+ status.

In the 8/07 import Marjana got a grade Buff in defense as well.

In this import Drake Fong gets an offensive grade debuff.

This is the 3rd consecutive use/popularity increase in a row for Alasie!

Represented in the ranking tables below you will find the TOP LEADERBOARD TEAM of 8/18/2018, 8/11/2018, 8/7/2018 and 7/29/2018. The data clearly shows they have all kept the Top 5 spots – just a little shifting between each other. We are pleased that our data sampling plans have proven to work! Certainly over–time there will be a shift and it will be evident by witnessing a change in the '– CURRENT LEADERBOARD –' section of the output.

Aug 11, 2018 – Empires & Puzzles Hero Reports
Aug 07, 2018 – Empires & Puzzles Hero Reports
Jul 29, 2018 – Empires & Puzzles Hero Reports

Elkanen Gets Buffed...

A whopping 33% to 38% increase of Heals the caster of the damage dealt.

He still is not a 5 worth taking to full ascension in our opinion. He is still a C+/B-.


I'm glad he got buffed - something is beter than nothing! I do have him fully ascended on my Defensive team - not a choice that's been easy to live with, but it's all good!. I recently responded to an older post regarding a players inquriy into getting feedback on ascedning Elk Click here if interested in My Forum Reply

The Balance Changes list...

There were quite a few balance changes issued with the new release. This was posted by Empires & Puzzles staff on 8/14/2018.

• Rumpelstiltskin: Increased Skull special damage from 255% to 270%
• Boss Wolf: Increased duration of all status effects from 3 to 4 turns and increased enemy mana reduction from -24% to -34%.
• Sargasso: Increased special damage from 345% to 355% and increased reduced healing on enemies from -75% to -80%.
• Elkanen: Increased healing received when damage dealt from 33% to 38%.
• Quintus: Increased special damage from 260% to 270%.
• Guardian Kong: Increased special damage from 210% to 220%
• Kelile: Increased burn damage from 306 over 6 turns to 360 over 6 turns.
• Gunnar & Kailani: Spirit Link’s defense buff split into a separate status effect.

The full turn increase on Boss Wolf may actually have some impact for him. Otherwise, for me there was nothing impressive, you may feel differently. I don't think they will 'balance' up much.

I'm VERY INTERESTED to find out if these Balance Changed Heroes start making it into anyone’s defensive teams... We will find out very soon.

The 'Boss' showed up...

In regards to answering my question about the 'Balanced Changed' Heroes potentially showing up in the Top LEADERBOARD teams... In the case of 'Boss Wolf' - he immediately showed up for the 1st time in the data sampling - a whopping 3x! (Another showed up for the 1st time as well - I'll let you figure that one out!).

Click the button below (only Sargasso is left out, because he literally was) and see for yourself.

It could just be he is being tested out (more will be revealed over the next couple of weeks). NOTE: You can also refer to report 2) 5 Stars Not Used in the Empires & Puzzles Hero Utility Reports for each of the data sampling dates... another positive use of the data being collected, stored, and made available to you!