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Empires And Puzzles Hero Utility Legend - V3

What is this?

The Hero Utility is a complete set of 6 evaluation/valuation methods, wrapped up into a pleasing and organized visual with its primary purpose being to SUPPORT YOU IN HERO DECISIONING. Not just for ascensions, in a multitude of ways that a spreadsheet and/or the game NEVER will.

How to use this Utility

This is a decision support utility not a yes/no answer FAQ. The makeup of any given team and their specials can affect the value of your hero. Every hero in the game has a purpose. Some are obvious, some are not. Some are widespread others very niche (certainly we hope for the prior). Do not decide solely on this utility, in particular just 1 of its valuation methods! To be valid, use all methods of valuation available to you. Should ALL methods clearly point to one hero over another, then do listen loudly.

The methods of value/evaluation are:

1) Grades (A+, A, B, C, D – courtesy of 7DD*)
2) GPA's (I wrap grades into measurable values for comparing)
3) Current Leaderboard (data collected from the game recently, strongly indicating CURRENT HERO USE)
4) Cumulative Leaderboard (data stored and summarized from the game over time HISTORICAL HERO USE)
5) RaZors Edge 2 (FACTUAL card ranks that are reprocessed each hero addition and 'balancing')
6) Ap/Dh (a correlation algorithm that simulates a more 'realistic' card ranking)

*Unfortunately, many months have gone by again in which 7DD has not updated their grading sheet. Today is 9/9/19. PLEASE be advised that many of these hero grades are from the approximate date of release (following short term testing with heroes of the time). I provide these as a courtesy to members who requested them when I initially began the extension of decision support-based data from the limited use of 5 letter grades to what it has become today. Even I have become used to having them. An assessment is warranted to determine if this inclusion continuance could be a detriment to its users. Those who never read a word I write to warn them and/or guide them in the Utilities proper use. See above for proper use.

This web-based application interfaces with a data warehouse established July 30, 2018 by RaZoR a fellow player of E&P that has no affiliation to the game maker.

Why was this created?

Well, not having actual play experience with the Hero’s owned at future ascension/levels - decisioning was questionable especially making some poor ones previously. Heroes can be great early and not so great later (or the opposite), or simply I misread what their potential was - that was the problem I wanted to avoid being I really had 1 shot with my ‘final’ decision and then I’m stuck for many months or longer to make an adjustment. Finding documented ranks or grades from those ahead of me based in their own hero use experience was what I was hoping to find to aide my decisioning. My gratitude extends to 7DD for assembling and maintaining the 7DD Guide to Hero Grades. As an independent player finding this guide was a relief! Unfortunately for me being from the USA grades have associated numerical ranges that I just couldn’t look past. When I saw a relatively equal B vs B or A vs B I found myself questioning does my A hero = 90% and my B hero = 89% with all else being basically the same? If it is, B saves me XYZ, so I would lean toward B! At the time my thoughts were: Who is 7DD? I’m not filling out an application to talk to them through this discord thing. Understand I was truly playing by myself. I gave answers as the Alliance leader, not ask them. I got it done on my own (so it got done), and when I wanted it – I wanted it NOW. The worst thing for a player like that - basically ZERO documentation provided by the game maker. Thus, the journey, supported by my IT background allowed me to bring it to market for my fellow players to consult with before final decisioning. To do it successfully however, I had to change one thing about the way I played and approached the game: everything.

What if you just want to do some hero window shopping for who’s next on your future summoning planner? This blows away the in-game method, which provides no value comparisons unless you remember card values as you flip from hero to hero – or special skills between each… It however does provide you the near whole-body view! It wins there.

Again – all methods of value/eval need to be used together… I think many just decide on seeing the overall ‘Grade’ and move on – not a good idea. Some of those grades on older Heroes could use some updating. I know because I have had some of the heroes since release (the grade was valid when released and for their height of use back then, not today). I do not modify 7DD's grades to meet valuations based on my experience or when I may disagree with assessment, that is not my place. The grades are 7DD’s data. I’m borrowing the grades and in exchange referring you back to the source as requested (their document is a living document; therefore, it will always be updated before the H.U.). Many players like the 7DD grades and them being part of the H.U. and I support my users and 7DD in their efforts in maintaining it.

In closing. Some players I’m aware of have made decisions based on the following:

1) He looks cool and his Attack is higher than that hero…
2) If I didn’t use her in the event, I wouldn’t have gotten that score…
3) I've been waiting forever for a nature hero so now I can make my rainbow team...

Guys if your decisioning logic is like the above than please at least look at the overall GRADE!

- RaZoR

Special Notes for Newer Players (Anyone without a 4* team could do well to read this - otherwise feel free to skip)

This is a off the top of my head summary. It is not entirely complete by any means however will help you avoid a ton of mistakes that I made playing the game 'alone'.

If you can avoid leveling your 1- and 2-star Heroes when starting, do! They are food! They really have no value in the game (and zero ROI from leveling - none of them do actually - I've tested every way I could).

Stick with your Bane and wait till you get another 3 star, then level them. Keep one of your training camps at level 2 initially (and use training levels 1 and 2 at that camp respectively based on materials). Your level 2 camp gives you a 50% chance of spawning a uncommon/2*! Given the option always feed your hero's the same element/color. It gives you a 16.7% better return. 1* same element 180HP, 2* same element 468HP. 1* off element 150HP. 2* off element 390HP. As you ascend, cost increases with resources. At the later levels of ascension 3, try sticking to only feeding 2*'s. At ascension 4 (4 and 5* hero's) try to stay to 2*'s due to cost, a 1* should be left to the newer heroes in your inventory.

As soon as you receive your 2nd training camp SPEED upgrade it to LVL 10 where it will guarantee generation of you next Rare/3* hero. Your stronghold will need to grow to support that level however (and you will bring up the rear with your other producing buildings). Honestly you will likely obtain one before you get it to 10, we hope! Possibly even all of them. It's best to keep 1 camp way ahead of the others as lvl 20 gives you a chance at a Legendary/5* hero. I would suggest putting the least amount of focus and priority on your Forges, you can succeed and move forward without battle items more so than keeping 2*'s in your team!

Do NOT feed 3, 4 or 5 star heroes to any other hero UNTIL you have 30 4 and 5* heroes, then you can feed the 3's if there is no use in having them. Until you have 30 5* heroes, best to not feed the 4*'s unless you are over-run (more than 30+ then maybe).

Do NOT feed your fully ascended 3-5* heroes EVER! The cost to get them there will Never be returned via the game as I already mentioned. The 3 and 4's can be used for Rare and Epic Challenge events at a minimum indefinitely.

Hero Grading Definition
Hero Utility Grading Sample

To add further value to Hero Grading in the Hero Utility - we are using the common USA based 4.0 Grading system.

We have extended it to include the unique A+ grade that has been applied to Heroes by 7DD. This A+ will be allotted 4.3 GPA points during calculations.

For example: Titan Team has 5 Sub-Categories used to make up the Titan Team 'Overall Grade'. This appears as vsTitan in the Hero Utility. These include Stamina, Passive, Direct, Tiles, and Versus.

Our algorithm simply sums all the Sub-Category GPA's and then divides them by the number of Sub-Categories.

For example using an A+ hero: Ares (A, A+, D, B, A+)
(4 + 4.3 + 1 + 3 + 4.3)/5 = 3.32 Overall GPA

Another example using: Zeline (B, A, B, A, A)
(3 + 4 + 3 + 4 + 4)/5 = 3.6 Overall GPA

This method gives us a better understanding of how strong of an A, B or C the Hero is (or at least an alternative view of value).

Empires And Puzzles Hero Utility GPA Values

RAZOR's EDge (Click image for introduction)

Empires And Puzzles Hero Utility RAZOR's EDge Sample

Introduction to: RaZoR's EDge

Statistically Speaking...

Rolling 'FORWARD' vs. 'WITH' the Rank

Rank within Rarity Added

Hero Ranking Definition (LEADERBOARD)
Empires And Puzzles Hero Utility LEADERBOARD Sample

– CURRENT LEADERBOARD – the data from the most recent data collection

– CUMULATIVE LEADERBOARD – a summary of all data collections

During collection each Hero is entered in their proper position: Left Rear, Left Flank, Center, Right Flank and Right Rear.

These are represented in the Hero Utility as the following:
– COUNT (column 1) –
Appear (Summing all positions together)
@Center (standalone position)
@Flank (summing all instances in the position (Left/Right))
@Rear (summing all instances in the position (Left/Right))

– RANK (column 2) –
A process was developed to provide LEADERBOARD Rankings to each Hero who made at least 1 appearance in the data extraction. It results in a larger scale of diversity in the Output as opposed to limiting it to the Top 5 and Top 10 (Current / Cumulative Data; respectively).
What is the Rolling Forward The Rank Method? Check out Rolling 'FORWARD' vs. 'WITH' the Rank. See why here: LEADERBOARD RANKING METHOD.

Where does the data come from? We freeze the Top 100 LEADERBOARD Teams at a given interval and collect their information through the Empires & Puzzles interface and place it in a data store. We understand that ranks can shift some during collection - still an excellent sample (proven over and over). If the player DOES NOT REMAIN in the Top-100 for 10min or longer, they are excluded - they don't belong there.'

Below is the TOP LEADERBOARD TEAM of 8/18/2018, 8/11/2018, 8/7/2018 and 7/29/2018. The data clearly shows they have all kept the Top 5 spots – just a little shifting between each other. We are pleased that our data sampling plans have proven to work!

Empires And Puzzles Hero Utility Defense Top5 Data Sample

Over–time there will be a shift of Hero usage/popularity and it will be evident by witnessing a change in the '– CURRENT LEADERBOARD –' section of the output.

I would recommend the following FAQ put together on this topic:


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