Introduction to: RaZoR's EDge

The tremendous fact about this product is that the instant you have the Hero Card (actually it would be the instant that I obtain it and process it) the ability to Rank and even grade the hero is available. The mathematical soundness of this prospect, it is 100% REAL. What you need to be aware of is where this Rank applies to the hero in the game. This is what I'm going to explain next. Being this is 1 of 4 methods of value - be aware if this is the only one that exists - it is entirely up to you to assess the value added via the Heroes Special Skill. If special skills didn't exist, this would be your complete benchmark!

The Razor's Edge processes the data using a 15 point inspection algorithm (mathematical probability calculator) resulting in the following two Balanced Ranks:

[Attack Power]       

[Defensive Health]

I named these balanced ranks using the strongest correlations between each of the 4 card based values. The individual card values are also ranked and they are great in direct visual comparison between cards, in decision aide their value is minimal as a single value doesn't give you a big picture view. This is why I created the correlation based value Ranks. I could of called them Offense and Defense. Simply put they do represent that - and more.

In every RAID and WAR each opponent (you vs the A.I.) engages in a set of rounds I call the RAW-DETERMINANT-ROUNDS. These rounds start with the first attack of any battle. It includes approximately 3-6 attacks from you and approximately 3-6 from the A.I. In your case the attacks can be very calculated based on the tiles you are given, the A.I. should not be able to match your intellect! We are however, well aware that the randomizing parameters used by the games A.I. often have great success!

This is where your hero’s make their stand to become your lead actor, using their REAL RAW CARD BASED values. This is the sweet, unfiltered, MMA Octagon, Killer show, no frills RAW exchange of digital fist to face, sword to gut, axe in the back, take the pain round. At one end of the spectrum these RAW-DETERMINANT-ROUNDS setup the DOWNFALL of the A.I. or YOU. At the other end of the spectrum these rounds minimally identify the sitting ducks (easy death targets). This round could prove to be very important! Being aware of/or having the Razor’s Edge ranks nearby could be beneficial to you. It really depends on how your brain works! Use your high Ap’s (i.e. #2) to attack their low Dh’s (i.e. #63) – this is only a suggestion. You may prefer to do as much damage as you can to their tank instead, and there are certainly other options that can be beneficial to you based on your teams knowledge.

The RAW-DETERMINANT-ROUNDS end when the first Special Skill is used. However, these rankings remain true in all scenarios (with or without special skills being activated).

At a bare minimum the RaZoR's EDge provides you a method to quickly asses where any hero stacks up to the other heroes’ in the game. If you're a mathematical wizard then they can be used in an equation using, deflecting or absorbing a special skill.

Official Release Date: 11/25/2018 - data was calculated using 'Roll-With' method. The ability to run each of the 15 algorithm's with the most appropriate method (Roll-With or Roll-Forward) is available (It just needs to be revisited).

Statistically Speaking...

Rolling 'FORWARD' vs. 'WITH' the Rank