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Where the idea comes from, that the heroes you select for the team labeled 'defense team' in this game only plays defense is ridiculous. I have heard it a lot! Im going to share my knowledge on the topic and how it applies to this game.

Offense: the action of attacking (In our case causing damage)

Defense: the action of resisting attack (in our case minimizing damage)

Every hero has an attack and defense power. This is out of necessity because they are on offense and defense in EVERY battle.

By definition the label ‘defense team’ applies ONLY because another player chose to attack you first. It’s that singular action - that is the ONLY time the label actually applies. What is the 1st thing your team does in response? Your team attacks them back (therefore your team is on offense)! Your team is not defensing them back. What that label really means is place your best team in the hands of the games AI while you are away (instead of saying that a small label minimizing screen space makes sense). Whether you setup a team that can potentially inflict high levels of damage, can take high levels of damage, both (if your fortunate) or somewhere in-between – those are your choices. For new/newer players, they don’t even have a choice – that comes with time. For the knowledgeable player who is playing to win, the choice is very simple: They will ALWAYS use the team that has the greatest odds to beat ANY team that choses to take them on! Period.

The game only provides a mechanism to attack! Each opponent (AI vs Human) gets 1 turn at a time to attack, and this continues until the AI or the Human wins. In the case of us Humans we are the only one in the game that can choose to start an attack.

The application of ‘defense’ is the game calculating and applying whatever special skills your team has to reflect or minimize damage (when in effect) and more often than not it’s just deducting the defensive power of each of your individual hero’s that were hit by the attack. When you are in a battle as the Human, you have a some degree of control on minimizing damage to your team with the tiles you chose to use and secondly you could choose to use the tiles to setup a skill that could be primarily defensive in nature. There’s no guarantee that will happen however, unless you get such fantastic boards that it’s a given. So in reality, your team’s ability to be truly defensive is when you start the attack!

Every time you send tiles toward your opponent you are attacking (you are on offense). Nearly every time you direct a special skill toward your opponent (you are on offense). In either case you could be guiding the tiles to have a defensive, offensive or a combination result in tile damage itself, or in generating the mana required to activate a special along those 3 lines. Every time tiles are sent your way - you are being attacked (you are on defense). Nearly every time a special skill is directed toward you - you are being attacked (you are on defense). You do not have the ability to control those tiles at all – you just get pounded or you don’t depending on what if any special skill you activated on offense and your health level of your heroes after deducting your heroes defensive power. Again, in this game you and the opponent (AI) ALWAYS take turns attacking each other. You never only play offense or defense. And the only time you have any control over either is when you are the attacker.

Returning to the opinions out there based in the misconception that the ‘defense team’ only plays defense. If someone is flat out wrong and passionate about their stance – there is no point in me correcting or upsetting them. I was present for a discussion which though I had herd this stuff before, this particular one got me to write about it. The topic was calling for Guinivere to be nerfed (I don’t support that option, SGG can ‘balance’ existing heroes instead – and really ‘balance’ them please if they need to be). The statement was made along the lines of they see Guinivere in every team of the Defensive LEADERBOARD. That isn’t an accurate statement by any means (she is not there that often) and the LEADERBOARD says LEADERBOARD (not ‘defensive’). Another responded along these lines “that doesn’t mean anything – she is only good on defense and that’s all that board represents – she is worthless otherwise, etc. etc.. I don’t have her but she isn’t any good for anything else”. I about lost it, not only laughing but in the level of misunderstanding this person has in regards to the game! I wanted to just say “Excuse me. You should probably be made aware that every other turn in every single battle started by you or by someone else, is the opposite of the first turn right? i.e. Defense, Offense, Defense, Offense, etc.. Or the only other alternative: Offense, Defense, Offense, Defense, etc.”. Perhaps if you’re at this point you will realize that you may have held the same misconception because of the label, or perhaps not. The data collected and reported through this Utility has much greater value than it appears when it comes to it being labeled as ‘DEFENSIVE’ in nature as well, and it is Factual.


One place is based on the depth of your heroes you have assembled/collected and where they are at in their maximum level/ascension. If you have a very mature and deep selection of heroes you have the 4 options mentioned in the prior topic in regards to setting up your best team in one of those categories to represent you while you are away. This also applies for when you are selecting to initiate a battle as you have a choice to get specific on whom matches up well against whom – which really doesn’t always turn out as it logically should (more on this below).

We as the Human player against the games AI have a small degree of choice and some larger but still small degrees in strategy to attempt minimizing damage (defense) and/or capitalizing on causing damage (offense). We know that whatever team we go to battle with has at least been qualified by the logic of the game in that there is a chance either team ‘could’ win. The power we have over the tiles is minimal. Given what we are given – we can certainly qualify the best move(s) with what has been made available, which I assume most people do. I’ll state some individuals have a propensity with puzzle visualization and therefore can see something in the tiles others might not ever see – that is the only known advantage with tiles there is. The more controllable advantage one can have, tiles permitting, is the knowledge one has regarding ALL the heroes’ strengths and weaknesses in the battle being chosen, and that is likely limited to a small subset of the players who have that knowledge in their head. If one isn’t aware of the opponent’s team’s potentials to harm their own in battle – one has all the time they should need before engaging to be fairly prepared. Once engaged - time permits you in most cases to review a summary of each of your opponents during battle to be reminded should you forget anything that was important. What you should have a fairly strong knowledge of are the effects your own team(s) could/can produce given favorable tiles. If you don’t manage the little control you do have – you are playing the game almost entirely if not completely by luck.

Game: a form of play or sport, especially a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck.

Making the best use of your time that is allotted to play this game on a daily basis – this is a long term commitment game if you want to make truly noticeable progress. Making good decisions with how you use your resources (food/iron) in every aspect of the game – building, crafting, farming, training, events, etc. This topic is too large to go into a detailed discussion here and many have written about it with varying opinions and degrees of detail. If you search the forum for the specifics you may be seeking - you will find in most cases multiple responses and/or documents regarding cost and time, even the minute details to where you can pick a fresh peace to eat for free while you take a crap on the sleeping ogre in province 8 level 3 and totally get away with it!

Make informed decisions regarding the heroes you choose to spend your time and resources on (this is HUGE). In particular once you get to the EPIC and LEGENDARY leveling decisions – the 4th Ascension and leveling associated to it costs an arm and a leg and ascension items for those are rare especially with legendary heroes. So don’t make the mistake of fully ascending heroes just because you have them, it's the only one you have, to simply create your first rainbow or because you’re one of those ‘got to have it now’ types. That is the biggest mistake you can make in the game, having no choice but to live with a hero of limited to no use you have to replace down the road just to be able to compete. I guarantee you will NEVER get pleasure in using them because they just don’t stack up (they suck). Rarely, the game does something about such heroes. They refer to it as ‘balancing’. I’ve yet to see that make them really good – I’ve seen it improve their usability which is better than nothing. Your next great hero could be just around the corner and if you made the prior mistake – it’s going to be a LONG time before they see the light of day and you will be kicking yourself in the teeth for days. In regards to making good decisions about the heroes you choose to spend your resources on – you are in the right place to assist you in that important decision making process already!

If you do play the game often and enjoy it – there are some very reasonable/small purchase options made available sometimes that will have an incredible impact in you getting even more enjoyment and progress out of the game than you already do! One in particular I strongly recommend and I would consider a very intelligent purchase if you’re spending a fair amount of time playing is the VIP PASS. I am updating what is included as of 1/25/19: and it is still just $4.99 for a 30 day pass which gives you 30 gems daily (900 total - 3 Epic or Elemental summons a month if you save them or 6 Troop summons for those sought after 4* Troops), 1 daily class emblem, 3 daily loot tickets, a second base builder (this is HUGE) and a bonus daily summons (very nice to have)! Lastly, don’t avoid the Forum, you will regret it if you’re a serious player and don’t join until you have been playing a long time, you could have avoided some newbie and even seasoned players mistakes that are talked about in the Forum or are in their archives. You don’t have to get involved in any of the discussions if you don’t want to – it will get you access to valuable information and usually people are more than happy to assist you when you post a question.